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How To Accelerate Success In the Event Industry When it inches to sheltering a successful path across the event industry, you are going to require a varied set of guideline event planning dexterity to assist you.

By Mazhar Nadiadwala

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The last few years has seen the event industry emerge as an unparalleled contributor to the Indian economy. This massive evolution is an outcome of major international level brands and global travel influences. The event industry is a dynamic space that welcomes experimentation and creativity in every aspect. Since it is a business that is forever evolving and is archly consumer-based, the key to survival lies in the ability to innovate and surprise the consumers with ideas and offerings that go beyond their expectations. Being an integral part of this industry for almost two decades, the experience has been vast and humbling. There are no set rules in this dynamic industry but definitely there are experience-based mantras which can help new entrants excel.

Tried and tested success mantras

Divert your attention to client requirements – Ideating and implementing divergent thinking might be your strengths. However, the event you're working on is your client. So it's critical to get the brief right as this has a consequent effect on the budgets and timelines as well. Getting the brief right and ensuring precise execution minimises time and effort, results in a smooth flow of the event, translating into a memorable experience for the client and attendees.

Suggest optimal plans that meet client's budget and needs – Budgets and needs vary from client to client. Hence, you cannot pitch the same package to all. Evaluate their requirements and the budget before suggesting a plan. These will go a long way in helping you earn your client's trust. This helps the client gain confidence in the event's team that you understand their brand and requirements.

Research and analyse the current trends – No matter what field you belong to, research always helps. Keep yourself and your team abreast with the latest trends and breakthroughs in the industry. This pro-activeness can yield unexpected results. After thorough research, go ahead and pitch various ideas to your clients. The technology inputs have literally propelled the way the industry has been working over the past decade. We now have variable stages, state of the art, sound, lights and drones and so much more that have enhanced the experience.

Communicate your strategy well and keep updates handy – Keep the clients updated on every movement and ensure interpersonal communication between the involved team members. While it is not possible to pre-empt every causality, it helps to be ready with plan B for anything which can go wrong. While the client's trust is easy to gain, upholding it is a different ball game, which can only be won with communication

Work for client satisfaction and address their grievances - If your attention flickers even a bit while addressing client grievances, the downfall starts. The key to success is always client satisfaction. A glitch-free journey is not possible. However, addressing client issues will surely dilute the crisis. It is an experience-based profession and hence being the experience provider includes the base of being able to handle criticism and working towards improvement, constantly.

  • Strategic alliances for a wider horizon – To make an event more successful, it is important to tie-up with various relevant brands as long term associations. Every event needs appropriate partners in the form of sponsors or barters to make it more successful. It boosts the event while providing a multi-faceted experience to the customers. These associations also help in spreading the event across various cities and conduct the event every year.

The one thing that works for every person in this industry is that you never know-it-all. It is a constant learning and growing journey that you embark upon the moment you accept working in the events sphere.

Behaviours to be cautious about

Avoid the over-promising and under-delivering technique – In the effort of making the client happy, companies tend to overrate their potential. This leads to over-promising and under-delivering. This ruins your credibility and risks your reputation in the market. Be honest about what you can deliver. Clients appreciate when the companies are honest with them. Also, remember the best kind of marketing for you is word-of-mouth and that only happens when your clients are happy with their experience

One glove doesn't fit all – Remember that every client is different and every event has to be a unique experience. It is necessary to understand the nuances of every client and the audience they cater to. Offer customised solutions instead of working with a template.

Don't panic during a crisis – Planning an event involve many stages and people, and at times crisis are unavoidable. And the worse happens it is human tendency to slip into panic mode. Keep calm and greet the crisis with counter actions.

Never overlook client feedback – Client's feedback is always helpful. Plans and strategies can be changed accordingly. Since event industry is largely client-driven, their feedback plays a vital role.

With the intention of creating an impeccable experience for the clients, these are just some points to keep in mind. However, there is always a possibility of things falling out. Therefore, pro-actively prepare for the last minute crisis. Always have a plan B. Lastly, it's all about client satisfaction and happiness. After all, the growth of your business is directly proportionate to your happy clients.

Mazhar Nadiadwala

Managing Director, Dome Entertainment Pvt Ltd


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