The Rise of Salon-at-Home Industry

Customers receiving salon like services at home is a dream come true and here's how its potential can be explored

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With the rising influence of various segments, a revolution in smartphones, peer influence and social media pressure, the Salon Industry in India has grown about 94per cent from 2012 to 2017.

According to a report published by KPMG, India's salon industry reached to INR 80,370 cr in 2017-18 and according to the average growth per year, it would reach to INR 95,640 cr in 2018-19. It is becoming a big market for many players and India has seen a lot of changes in the market. Due to the time constraints of people and change in lifestyle, Salon at Home service is making a mark in the country.

India has seen a rise in the disposable income of the people, which means a good return on investment for the players. People are more conscious about their hair and skin due to a deteriorating environment condition. On the other hand, they are overburdened with the work in their life, which makes it hard for them to visit a salon. So, Salon at Home service can bridge the gap between these problems by providing the salon at the time they want and at the place they want.

You don't have to slog yourself all the way to the local parlour and wait for your turn patiently. Just tap for an at-home salon service and get pampered in the comfort of your home.

How Does it Work?

Salon at Home services is salon facilities you can avail at any time and any place at your convenience. From a hair treatment to waxing, facial or hair colouring, manicure, pedicure, and other beauty packages, you can get these services without moving an inch.

How is it Beneficial?

Apart from saving up on travel time and cost, comfort is a big advantage. Since grooming is no longer a luxury but a necessity, people from across age groups and gender want to look good. Salon at Home, work perfectly for those women who have professional commitments, and also for new mothers who can't leave their little ones for long.

Is it Quick Enough?

Most at-home salon services can be booked through apps or via a phone call. While most at-home salon services need to be booked two to three hours prior to the appointment, In case of emergencies, special requests can be made. Of course, it depends on the availability of therapists.

Aditya Arya

Co-Founder, YES Madam

The concept of Yes Madam, Salon at Home is a brainchild behind two brothers, Mayank and Aditya, who left their well-paid jobs to start this doorstep beauty venture. A trip to the beauty salon can easily set you back by a few thousand rupees.

While looking and feeling good come at a price, there is no transparency when it comes to this particular price. With this in mind, the foundation of YES MADAM was laid. Aditya was a sailor and quit his high-paying job after 10 years to be an entrepreneur, while Mayank has over seven years of entrepreneurial experience, and has run a few ventures abroad.

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