Aditya Arya

Co-Founder, YES Madam

The concept of Yes Madam, Salon at Home is a brainchild behind two brothers, Mayank and Aditya, who left their well-paid jobs to start this doorstep beauty venture. A trip to the beauty salon can easily set you back by a few thousand rupees.

While looking and feeling good come at a price, there is no transparency when it comes to this particular price. With this in mind, the foundation of YES MADAM was laid. Aditya was a sailor and quit his high-paying job after 10 years to be an entrepreneur, while Mayank has over seven years of entrepreneurial experience, and has run a few ventures abroad.


Growth Strategies

The Rise of Salon-at-Home Industry

Customers receiving salon like services at home is a dream come true and here's how its potential can be explored

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