Here's Why Customer Experience is the Driving Force for Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Customer experience can change the fortunes of a company and Bezos, Gates and Jobs are the best examples to take lessons from

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Every entrepreneur's biggest concern in today's time is, "Are my customers happy?" "Is my product solving the predicament of the masses?" Businesses have realized that the biggest driving force behind all activities is customer experience. Customer experience can change the fortunes of a company. Happy customers can give your business an edge that no other aspect can.


Why customer experience is the most important part of the business? It is not difficult to decipher. The customers are an unignorable aspect of a business. They are the direct consumers of the offering. If customers are happy, it helps in creating a solid base of loyal consumers. And once that happens, the business is on its way to scale growth and progress. An assured quantum of customers accelerates business growth in no time.

Jeff Bezos placing all his employees in the call centre camps for two days including himself is an example not new to the world. "Everyone has to be able to work in a call centre," is Bezos' chief instruction to the employees that remains unchanged till date.

He has also said on many occasions that Amazon is "customer-obsessed" and not "competitor obsessed." Perhaps, in these simple phrases, he has given one of the most soundest bits of advice an entrepreneur would need.


How does customer experience drive the company towards growth, profit and revenue? Customer experience makes a company more "resilient," growth-centric. The purpose of any business to exist is to ensure that people benefit because they are the ultimate takers of their offering. That is why when Bill Gates says, "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning," he is serious about the fact that no other factor can help a business grow as much as unhappy customers. Moreover, an unsatisfied customer gives the company to polish itself, work on its weaknesses and get an edge over its competitors.

The Core Driving Factor

Apart from Bezos and Gates, Tech giant Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs often said that customer experience should be the driving force of any organization. He said, "You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around."

What makes it paramountly important to put Jobs' advice on an application? He was a visionary who built the world's most valuable company. He gave a new definition to computers, smartphones by leveraging technology and changed the dynamics of the tech world. Today, the whole world is running after Apple iPhones, computers, watches etc. Jobs is a quintessential example of a person who has changed the way customer experience is defined.