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Dr. Deepak Madhok believes the existing teaching methods are in a transition phase from teacher-centric to student-centric mode.

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Dr. Deepak Madhok, chairman and MD, DHK Eduserve and Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions, talks to Entrepreneur India introduction of technology-aided solutions in schools, how business of education is evolving constantly to make the system student-centric, and revolution in education by Sunbeam Group.

How can the existing teaching-learning methods be improved as far as school education is concerned?

The existing methods are in a transition phase from teacher-centric to student-centric mode. It is important that schools intertwine the digital platform in a way that supports learners to absorb the education on the modern platform. For maximum utilization of the digital mode, there is an utmost necessity to train teachers for this 21st century technology-based learning. It is required not only for effective utilization of technology for teaching but also to further utilize it in developing an appropriate teaching material.

How is the business of K-12 education evolving in an era of digitalisation?

Progressive K-12 schools which have adapted digitalization advancements are now working with technology-aided teaching solutions such as Atal Tinkering Labs, Robotics labs and induction of courses on Artificial intelligence. These are the latest trends that have driven the teaching force to work towards experiential learning to deliver flawless education, thereby driving students to be the owners of their learning outcome.

Do you think our current education system is strictly exam-focused? How can it be made more student-centric?

The assessment of a child gives an educator an idea about his extent of knowledge, strength and weaknesses. This enables to modify the teaching mode as per a child's need, thereby enabling him to learn the concept through effective utilization of multiple intelligence. A student-centric education can only be effective till the needs of the child are known and the education is moulded accordingly. In the present scenario, the assessment is used more for identifying prospective students for desired placement or higher education opportunities which are eventually pushing students towards rote learning growth of the child in terms of knowledge and concept eventually becomes a secondary issue in haste to achieve the desired standards in the assessment criteria.

How can private players play a role in the modernization of teaching mechanisms and management of students and educators?

A school can only be progressive if its promoters stringently encourage teachers to adapt the policy of professional grooming and personal learning as the first step for effective delivery. This ideology has been seeping into the workforce of the schools which are prominently private players in the industry. Teachers are made to appear for advanced courses like CENTA or training through Microsoft to bring in effective tools in the school education system. A teacher will only be able to apply his/her advance skills if the management provides the platform to deliver.

You have extensively spoken about revolution in education. What is your idea behind it?

The visionaries of DHK Eduserve ventured into school education with a strong ideology of catering to the holistic development of students. The effect of its ideology saw a change in the social fabric which made the visionaries to set up Sunbeam Schools in every district enabling the education standards go beyond the boundaries of Varanasi, where it was founded. What began in Varanasi saw its rippling effect across the districts. Today with more than 30,000 students, the revolutionary wave continues to flow.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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