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The Cost Of Freedom We, as entrepreneurs must continuously strive to come together to stir change.

By Ritu Marya

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"You can be different from the rest of the world and still be fabulous — in fact, you're fabulous because of it, not despite it" -Anonymous

The most beautiful thing you will ever witness in your life is when you begin to unfold into the person you were meant to be from your very beginning. I recently met a young entrepreneur at a business event and his approach to life was a revelation, because he had crossed the barrier between "being psychologically ready" with "being ready to escape corporate life," and he stood for everything that is much more to entrepreneurship than just the freedom.

Despite being an entrepreneur with a sizable startup, he was ready to go to Africa or America tomorrow that could bring him opportunity, he had created some valuable tech products for serving his clients better which could be used everywhere but his purpose was not just to make money from them, he was open to take failure of his projects but he was not ready to give up on what he believed in. The worst case scenario, he answered simply was that he may have to quit being an entrepreneur and go back to taking a job , but with what he knew he could make parallel or more money than he is doing currently. In simple words, he was free and this is the new kind of leader in the twenty-first century.

We need more authentic entrepreneurs whose leadership comes from first creating what they believe and then making time to examine their experiences and to reflect on them, and in doing so they grow as individuals and as leaders. I also realized the same of young family business scions of India while we were putting together our cover story who today need to live their life, doing what they want and believe, making their difference to the world and subsequently leading it from the top with what they have learnt about life and businesses. In this issue , we will introduce you to Tomorrow's corporate faces who would lead big businesses but the way they want to rather than the way they have to.

We also bring forward to you the innovative products that are cannibalizing existing markets, disrupting the old models, and services that challenge the embedded ways of thinking and working. Though some of them are still in early days in India yet they are tomorrow's brands and way of life. "It is Lonely at the Top" "No man does it all By Himself" These two statements together are the real story of an entrepreneur's life. Collaboration breeds inspiration and inspiration helps us to grow both as an individual and as business owner. We, as entrepreneurs must continuously strive to come together to stir change.

At Entrepreneur Media, we are back with our 6th Annual edition of our flagship mega event where Business Leaders will come closer to their fellow young counterparts, where money meets ideas, tech meets talent and society meets change. Join us on August 23-24, 2016 at Hotel Pullman Aerocity, Delhi NCR to be a part of this change. Write to me to share your interest.

This article first appeared in the Indian edition of Entrepreneur magazine (August 2016 Issue).

Ritu Marya

Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media (APAC & India)

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