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Ritu Marya

Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media (APAC & India)

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The Future of Work is in for a (Gigantic) Change

The four-day workweek means turbo powering your hourly productivity. Is India Ready for it?

New Norms of the New World

A new generation of founders is rewriting the rules of business, and a new breed of commerce is challenging the status quo.

More Power to Women

The unleashing of women entrepreneurship lies in better access to more human, financial & social capital

It Was The Best of Ideas Changing The Worst of Times

The baton goes to young entrepreneurs who disrupted the worst times with their innovations

8 Trends Emerging In the Shared Economy Space

Most enterprises are going to focus on spaces that meet the norms of social distancing and are able to give highest quality infrastructure, safety, hygiene and privacy

How Should SMBs be Unlocking the Post-Lockdown Phase

Given recovery runways will differ for every business, use the lockdown period to work out a customized survival strategy

International Women's Day: Boss Ladies Who are Changing the Narrative

Nobody other than your own self can push you to achieve more is what has got the 'Shepreneurs Class of 2020' to achieve meteoric success

This Decade Belongs to the Young

Our economy and society have taken massive strides of innovation in the last decade, and we have only just got started.

What 2020 Holds For The Indian Startup Ecosystem?

If 2010-19 was sheer gold rush for entrepreneurship, the next decade promises to be more golden for young start-ups and upstarts

2020 Will Be The Year of Sustainable Business

The 3P problems of pollution, plastic and preservation of resources have attained epic proportions in India and need controllable measures sooner than later.

The Money Machine is on a Roll

Funds are calling the shots for India's start-up ecosystem to become bigger.

A Month of Many Firsts

At Entrepreneur Media, as we are launching our own new startups, our fears and joys are no different than yours.

Tech start-ups to transform SMEs

With the growing need of mid-market enterprises to do tech innovation and bring digital transformation on the customer front, an increasing number of tech start-ups are set to focus on bringing about SME transformation.

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