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Creative is a skill, not a mindset

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The art of being creative is not in opposition to the science of being a geek. Instead, not being artistic while proceeding is when all outcomes are fully predictable. To be creative, one must turn off our conscious self-monitoring and be prepared to be wrong.

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In the digital era, success has different connotations for entrepreneurs, it is not necessarily about being more prominent, more prosperous, or working longer hours. That is merely a by product of the work they do. Increasingly, success belongs to people who can come up with the most creative solutions to pressing problems. Defining problems in obvious, conventional ways, not surprisingly, often leads to obvious, conventional solutions.

Today, businesses and professions look seemingly different from one another because they are less about trade and distribution and more about how they can gain an edge by doing something nobody else is doing. On one side it is to come up with an idea that nobody else has thought of and on the other side having a definitive purpose on what's got to give makes today's business landscape more diverse and creative. The issue is dedicated to entrepreneurs who are authors, artists, designers, geeks, brand leaders, and sustainable thinkers and are led by their creativity to turn their craziness into a craft.

Today, the issues surrounding the businesses are very different from the issues pre-pandemic. Environmental, social, and governance goals are a must for every business to comply right from their manufacturing to the distribution process. As Sir Ken Robinson says "Creativity is a process, not an event." Industries that have been trying to get a grip on digital transformation today need to target thoughtful, patient, imaginative, inspired work in planning and making powerful crosses across the organization.

Starting with this issue, we are also getting more conscious to help our community gain the financial independence they have always dreamed about by learning how to put your money to work for you. In the age of recessionary trends and hyperinflation, we are curating for you ideas on investments that can help you give more returns and take you on the road to fulfilling your financial goals easily and smoothly. Take risks. Indulge your curiosity. Be creative!