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These #7 Tips will Help You Get your Office Wear Right Experimenting with colors is not a bad idea at all. Improvise your office look by adding that tinge of color into your look by either wearing a colorful bracelet or a pendant which has some different hues in it.

By Sonam Gupta

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Looking fabulous and suave is now your right and the commonly prevalent notion of "Women's office wear is mundane and has a lackluster appearance", is soon giving way to some splendid looking style statements. Yes! Now office wear and office uniform can also make a woman or man look stunning. In order to elevate the appeal of your office uniform there are some important alterations or additions that one needs to make to their daily office wear. Let us now talk about them-

  1. Gone are the days when black, blue and grey were considered to be the safe colors for office. Experimenting with colors is not a bad idea at all. Improvise your office look by adding that tinge of color into your look by either wearing a colorful bracelet or a pendant which has some different hues in it. Additionally, you can just add that beautiful stole into your attire which has some lively prints that can uplift your look remarkably.
  2. Now transform the dull monochromatic look of a black or white uniform into an illustriously enigmatic one with the help of some aesthetic jewelry pieces made of white gold or silver. Yes, the sheen of silver or the finesse of white gold in the form of a thin neck chain, a beautiful pendant or a bracelet will go a long way in providing that much needed zing to your look.
  3. Bake in that affluence into your look with a nice looking watch. Yes, your professionalism can be elevated in your look if you wear a nice watch. There is nothing wrong in liking and wearing a stone studded watch. It aids in getting that polished look right for yourself. Additionally, inclusion of some bling into your office uniform can help you break the shackles of boredom that sets in if you have to wear the same kind of clothes to office every day. So give a thought to wearing a 3D ring or take notice of that elegant looking stone studded ring that could just uplift your charming persona.
  4. A stud earring can never falter. It will render that extra plush and aplomb to your face. Even a simple A-Line dress or a fitting skirt, which at times proves to be the avatar of an office uniform can be made to look lavish with the right kind of nose and ear studs. Incorporate that bling into your daily routine by opting for some of the fascinating looking studs like the Aphrodite ones which can help you register that perfect look which is professional but has that dash of sparkle in it which makes many heads turn and notice you.
  5. If your office wear or uniform includes a sari then you have a plethora of choices to experiment with. Wearing a few matching bangles along with a scintillating "bindi" will help you get that attractive Indian look right.
  6. Pearls can play a vital role in helping you get that minimalistic dazzle into the board room that you are going to be a part of. Yes, a pair of pearl earrings is all it takes at times to give that gray or monochrome hued uniform of yours that pleasant charismatic appeal. Looking posh becomes easy with that perfect set of pearls for your company.
  7. Last but not the least, pay a lot of attention to the kind of footwear you wear. An entire look can be made or broken depending on the footwear you choose to wear. Though black is a safe color, there is no harm in putting on those stilettoes on that odd day in order to get noticed and feel fabulous. Similarly, wearing nice looking stockings with a skirt will always help you get that tidy look.

So get set to conquer the world while you scale different steps of success at your work place and look ravishingly beautiful at the same time. Follow the above mentioned tips and serenade the professional ambiance with your charm and elegance.

Sonam Gupta

Co-founder and Creative Director for Zurie Design Studio.

Sonam is the co-founder and Creative Director for Zurie Design Studio. Zurie Jewellery breaks the cliche of wearing your gems on special occasion , exclusively . Zurie Co-founder , Sonam Gupta has a vision to create acceptance for wearing your designer jewellery in your day to day life .

Zurie is a luxury brand that is making fashion functional by amalgamating traditional way of selling with contemporary luxury .By procuring unique material and converting ordinary into exclusive.

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