Don't Let your Mobile App Users Slip With these Sloppy Features The most prevalent reasons for app uninstall are slow responsiveness and frequent app crash

By Pratik Kanada

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The mobile app has contributed immensely in making the routine works easy and life convenient. There is not even a teeny weeny thought users will ever, I repeat ever think of forbidding the use of the mobile app. But, what they can think of is abandoning your app if they are not happy and satisfied with the features you have integrated. Being a mobile app development company, do you really want that to happen? Of course, not. So what are the features your app need to keep a safe distance from? Let's dive in deep and the hunt for the sloppy features that drive your users away from your app.

1) I Ain't Following You

Apps these days have an intent to expand their fan base on as many platforms as they can. With app install, there will be a conjoined invitation to follow on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on. Users are also delighted to connect with the app on different platforms. Either they want to be placed in the superior position or they want to be updated regularly with discounts, and coupons and such offers or they want to develop personal connect with the app. It's totally viable to give a one-time invitation to the user to follow. When this happens in a loop, now that's the time when water flows over the head. Things go out of the box when it starts becoming a blackmail business. Offer only available to the followers, you fall for it and end with the bad experience. To all those indulging in these malpractices, if your app is worthy, if the users are worthy, they are going to follow. If not, be wise and don't compel them.

2) Nosy Ad, Your App Will Probably Be Dead

Meddlesome ads have a sacred place and that's in the seventh hell. The app you really adore and use regularly suddenly starts installing ads in between, just in a matter of days the liking meter will shift from high to low. Ads are a great source to generate revenue and hence the culture is touching sky heights. The ad is not much affected by touch and hence you just have to wait till the time phone don't take your orders, go crazy and then go back to normal (finally) and you carry on with what you are actually using the app. This annoyance gradually becomes your routine and you keep on using it even with the inconvenience.

3) Teeny Weeny Text

Certain apps are built keeping tablets and big screen sized phones in mind and they are not designed to work effectively with the small-sized device. Users tend to hate the app with inadequate font size. Make the text of your app in a way that they can be easily visible on a device of any size without the need to zoom it.

4) How Am I? Am I Good? How Much Good?

Every single time you use the app, you are displayed with the option "rate this app'. Every single time, clicking the options no thanks can really get on your nerves. The user might not be in a position to answer at the time you are harassing him to answer. Asking for approval more than it is actually needed can also make the users pull their hair out and ultimately your app out.

5) Hands Down: Freeze

No, it's not the police, they would probably ask for hands up. It's the bad app which freezes you and asks you to put your hands down. Several Android and iPhone app development have bugs or coding errors which end up in-app crash. You can neither access your app, nor your phone. App freeze most probably leads to app uninstall. The most prevalent reasons for app uninstall are slow responsiveness and frequent app crash.

Pratik Kanada

CEO, 360 Degree Technosoft

CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company. Writes about Leadership, Start-up Quests, Social Media, Latest Tech Trends and Mobile Applications.

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