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Dos and Don'ts of Content-based Entrepreneurship How exactly does this work? What are the Dos and Don'ts? How does a person start earning? How and where to start?

By Akshay Girme

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Entrepreneurship, a term almost all of us are aware of. As per the Oxford dictionary, entrepreneurship can be defined as "the activity of making money by starting or running a business." So, the idea of what this term is is pretty clear. Now, entrepreneurship can be divided into a number of categories based on the origin, basis, working and what not. And the one we are going to talk or discuss here is content-based entrepreneurship.

So, what exactly is content-based entrepreneurship and how does it work? Well, the answer is simple and the examples can be seen all around us; be it Youtube or Instagram or blogs or websites whose USP is content (of various kinds, ranging from daily news to viral content to new trend to fashion to comedy, etc.). Content yet again can be of any type, articles, listicles, videos, photographs and everything and anything as such.

There are a number of questions out there and today we will be dealing with the Dos and Don'ts, and maybe, while talking about those points, we might end up discussing the other questions and their answers as well.

Let's start with the Dos-

Know your content

This is something an entrepreneur needs to understand before making it big in the content based market. Before starting a business, say a website, you need to understand and know what kind of content you want to publish and present. You cannot just start posting anything you like and make a business out of it. Like any other business, content-based entrepreneurship needs a certain discipline. You can get a number of examples where a large content based company has been completely shut down just because of they up the wrong content.

Target the audience

Every content based entrepreneurship has its own share of the audience. You cannot just force anyone to be a part of your business. Say you have started a YouTube channel for fashion and makeup or anything as such, so your target audience would be women or men who are interested in this field. Or say, you want to make a website with viral content or jokes or memes, your target audience would be youngsters. So, research thoroughly and know what and where your market is.

Promote yourself

Now, this is something, I guess, all of us already know. The more people see or read your content, the bigger your business will grow. You can always promote/advertise yourself. If you are a beginner, you can ask your friends and family to support and share. And with time, you can approach bigger brands for the same. Share for share is something almost every content-based company does.

Take help, create a team

You cannot run a business alone, you would always need a team; a group of people who are going to work as hard as you would. So, make a team, gather the best people you know. One thing that people don't get is, at times, a fresher is better than someone with experience. They not only are full of new ideas but also energy. So, do not hesitate while asking for help or while creating a team.

Be thorough with your content

You cannot just put up anything you like. There are millions who are going to see/read/hear your content and it is very important to be thorough with it. Quality is something that matters the most in content-based entrepreneurship.

Make it relatable

People love it when the thing they are seeing or reading is relatable. You can see a number of successful YouTubers taking content for their videos from the day to day life. The more people relate to your content, the bigger your business is going to be.

Be consistent

The most important point on this list, to be very honest. Consistency is the key when it comes to content-based entrepreneurship. If you want to grow big, have an audience, have a successful business, you need to be consistent with your work. Let people see and understand that there is this person who's serious about his/her work and knows how to create. Content creation is not easy but when you are consistent, you not only learn but your quality gets better day by day.

And now, the Don'ts-

Don't be biased

Never ever take sides without knowing the entire story. Just because you love something doesn't mean that the other person or the other party is wrong. Learn and know their point of view as well and that is something content creators don't always understand. You might end up losing a huge chunk of your audience if you stay biased.

Do not publish half baked content

Do not, I repeat, do not publish or put up content without knowing everything about it. Half truth or knowledge is dangerous than a full lie.

Do not hurt or talk against religion, believes, etc.

Just because you are funny or you want to be funny, you cannot and should not make fun of anything people believe in. And here, I am talking in terms of religion. You never know what might trigger your audience or what might bring your business down

Do not copy

People have always praised and uplifted those who have come up with their own and original content. Plagiarism is a plague for content-based entrepreneurship. Be original and do not copy others. Be your own brand.

These basically were the most important Dos and Don'ts for content-based entrepreneurship. Remember and know that in the end, content is the king. If you want to earn and grow your business and become an entrepreneur then go ahead. Let words and originality roar.

Akshay Girme

Founder of Ad Media, Pune

AKSHAY GIRME has created a social media platform which promotes the Marathi cinema industry online giving the cinema a wider reach, globally. He Joined Marathi cinema with the world social media/new age media.

"AD MEDIA PUNE" is a company that is contributing in the growth of Marathi Cinema. Its mostly helping the Marathi cinema and celebrities to maximise the reach digitally. The company started on 2nd October 2018, by "Akshay Girme" who is a Pune based Digital Marketer. Even though the company has been around for almost just a few months, it has made quite a name for itself in the Digital Marketing field. 

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