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This Cannabis Brand Looks Poised To Take Over the European Market The unique selling point of iPlant Global is the opportunities that it offers to others around the world

By Shishir Jajoo

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iPlant Global is a Europe-based cannabis producer and distributor that has seen exponential growth through 2021. That growth is set to continue through 2022. While this market is still emerging and growing, the strategy of this young company has certainly set it apart from its competitors.

The last few years has been a very profitable time for the global cannabis market. While companies and individuals around the world have been taking advantage of this business boon, one company certainly stands out from the others: iPlant. Less than two years ago, iPlant was just an idea. Now, it is a million-dollar company that is poised for some serious growth in the coming years. Over the last year, iPlant has gained over 10,000 new accounts, they reached a milestone of $1.5 million in December and have expanded further in the European market. This growth was a direct result of their farm "fieldtrip"; a day where they took potential investors and curious onlookers on a physical tour of their farm location in Switzerland. Nicky Taschew, the company spokesperson confirmed that this was something that they "are definitely looking to do again soon". These farms, of course, are a major highlight of their company. By controlling their two locations, they are able to produce hemp at the highest level of efficiency and quality.

The unique selling point of iPlant Global is the opportunities that it offers to others around the world. While many companies are opening farms, cannabis stores and creating products to sell, iPlant does all of that under one company. And that's not even the best part, anyone is able to buy into this amazing company. iPlant achieves this buy allowing partners to buy shares at the basest level. Literally. With their unique system, an individual or a company can buy plants and share in the profits of that particular plant. So whether you want to opt for receiving the products from that plant or wait for a dividend return that occurs four to five times a year. While this system was unique and untried, it has shown early investors a strong return and led to massive growth for iPlant Global.

If you are looking for an additional passive or active income source, iPlant is a strong candidate to meet your needs. Already established within their current business model, iPlant is still looking to innovate and expand their current line of business. Future products include an ice tea product, expanded line of medical products and a more streamlined method to building an affiliate business with their products.


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