Why Multitasking has Become the Need of the Hour? Multitasking is the display of strengths and positive attributes in a multiple number of ways at the same time

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Multitasking can be described as the ability to do more than one task at a time. The debate around multitasking has often been misleading with a majority saying that it cannot and should not be done. We cannot stop ourselves, with life being as competitive and as hectic as it is sometimes. Hence multitasking on a regular basis is vital. Many times you will realize while being on a conference call on your mobile phone, you are also browsing through your mail on your laptop. This is a common multitasking activity. The whole idea of getting plenty done and there being only limited time is what creeps the multitasking nature of yours. Don't fret as multitasking has many advantages, contrary to popular belief about concentrating on one particular task being more efficient!

Here are some of the top reasons why you should multitask.

Keeps You Active

When doing a simple task, like maybe texting an important message on your phone, you can easily get distracted by various thoughts. Multitasking will not give you that freedom and time to think about something else, as your mind is already busy with another activity.

On a virtual call, it is easy to get distracted by social media or by browsing the web. The next time you are on a virtual call, and you don't want your business partners or employees to drift away into a distraction, make them actively take part in the conversation or do some calculations about the graph and figures being discussed.

Tonic for the Brain

Progress, be it slow or fast, small or big, is always what is helping your long-term goal. When you multitask, you will notice several tasks on your to-do lists will get ticked faster and you will be known to carry out work on time. Yes, there is the factor of you making mistakes, but you will notice the more you multitask, the more your brain gets wired into efficient multitasking.

The mind is one of the most important organs in the human body. The same way our body needs exercise, the mind too needs to stay active and healthy. This is done by continuous engagements and activities for our brains to process. Therefore multitasking is similar to going to the gym for a longer time and will help the mind stay young.

Need of the Hour in this Fast-Changing world

The world is becoming more tech savvy by the day. Internet is driving most of the communications in business. It is a playground where multiple activities can take place on your laptop or mobile phones. The modern-day entrepreneur has various roles to fill, as most of them start-up with no employees and hence have to manage every part of the business.

Akram Hoque, Founder and Editor of the Policy Times which is a digital media platform for policy issue is a believer of multitasking. Running a media company is no easy task, with the sheer number of activities that need to be done and managed. Hoque manages the writing, editing, high-end marketing activities, investor relationships and client dealings for advertisements.

"Today's entrepreneurs need multiple skills to succeed in business. Multitasking comes naturally to the present generation entrepreneurs as they are taught multitasking abilities in the journey in this fast-changing tech-savvy world. Your inability to manage yourself in any one area of business be it marketing, finance, technology, innovation or managing resources can be equally damaging," says Hoque.

It is a Personality Trait

Multitasking is a sign of a person's ability to carry out many beneficial roles. It is hitting two birds with one stone! Multitasking is the display of strengths and positive attributes in a multiple number of ways at the same time.

Hemant D Toraskar, Partner of Monali International Trade has been into Agricultural commodities trading and owns a Cashew processing unit. In his line of work, he needs to operate in an energetic and positive attitude to keep the never say die attitude along with his team going.

"Multitasking is all about getting jobs done by various organizations on time, which needs to be handled creatively. Entrepreneurs need to be up to date, informative and knowledgeable about various departments and its operations for smooth and effective functioning. Above all, positivity needs to be maintained along with energy and motivation. It helps in keeping the core team members more dedicated," Toraskar said emphatically.

Time is money, and so multitasking will help you carry out more tasks and be more competitive. Remember to keep multitasking to a limit you can handle, to ensure focus is maximised in the tasks you carry out.

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