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Tips to Run a Successful Business Venture With Your Spouse On one hand, you have someone very close to you to provide guidance and support, on the other side you may feel short of personal time as the business demands most of it

By Aparna Reddy

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Many people wish to become entrepreneurs. There are varied reasons for every entrepreneurial dream. While some chose entrepreneurship because they have a clear thought or idea, others opt as they don't want to work for anyone else but themselves or they want to utilize the knowledge and expertise that they have gained for their own growth and then there are others who are just born to do it. Similar to the triggers every entrepreneurial journey is also different. However, there are some common threads when it comes to turning a dream into a reality and then making it successful. Running a successful business requires hard work, patience, focus and above all a right partner. While some chose friends or colleagues as business partners, there are others who want to turn their business idea into a successful venture along with their spouse.

Building your dream along with your spouse has its own merits and challenges. On one hand, you have someone very close to you to provide guidance and support, on the other side you may feel short of personal time as the business demands most of it. Some of the key aspects to keep in mind while running a business with your spouse are

Allocate Work According to Each Other's Strengths and Weaknesses

Like any other partnership, spouses need to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses both from skill as well as emotional perspective and divide the work accordingly. It helps in the smooth functioning of the daily tasks. It also plays a crucial role in guiding and inspiring the team.

Nurture a Mature and Open Mindset

When a couple comes together to run any business the trust component is very high, but the emotional equation is very sensitive. The difference in opinion is bound to happen, however, it needs to be handled very carefully as it may affect their personal life. Managing a healthy personal and professional equation will call for a matured and open approach. Another key aspect that can iron out friction is communication. Always maintain healthy communication between each other, especially regarding the functioning of the organisation. Ultimately, decisions should be taken keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Observe Caution and Transparency in Matters of Finance

Managing finance needs to be planned and dealt cautiously as one bad decision can drain funds. It can prove fatal for the business as well. There are many examples of growing businesses been brought down to ashes due to mismanagement of funds. There should be a clear demarcation between the funds for domestic as well as business purpose. Sometimes one needs to hold personal expenditures aside and give preference to the requirements of the business. Such decisions should be taken only after mutual discussions as otherwise, it can lead to a conflict of interest. Further, maintaining transparency with regard to the transactions is crucial. Ensure that the spouse is been informed and updated about the income as well as spends.

Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

While it is easier said than done, both the partners should take effort and enforce it. The multitasking gets more complex when you step into parenthood which demands more focused adaptation of work-life balance. Work delegation comes handy here but the careful division of time is what is required to handle personal and professional life together.

In the end, clarity of thought will push one to find means and ways to filter ones focus to shape their goals and become a successful entrepreneur. The clearer one gets with the objectives, the better it becomes to face all hurdles and keep the business growing.

Aparna Reddy

Executive Director, Aparna Enterprises Ltd

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