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#4 Skills That Will Get You Hired At a Startup Entering the corporate world and more specifically the hyper-active startup world brings its own set of challenges for freshers.

By Nidhi Singh

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For youngsters, landing their dream job is not easy at all. And writing a great resume is one of the most crucial elements that can ruin your chances for a new job. One small mistake can automatically send your resume or CV to a dustbin. If you have all the necessary skills required for the job profile, then it should be the focus and mentioned first. Working at a startup is as challenging as any other corporate job. Just like any job, it's important to show specific skills and capabilities in the resume.

Entrepreneur India spoke to start-ups to know few skills that freshers must highlight in their resume to get hired by a startup:

Improve Your Social Media Profile:

With freshers making up the major chunk of annual hiring for most mid and large-sized organizations, recruiters and companies invest a lot of time and effort in ensuring that they find the right talent. On the other hand, entering the corporate world and more specifically the hyper-active startup world brings its own set of challenges for freshers. Gurinder Bhatti, Founder of MakeMeStudyAbroad highlighted few skills that freshers must mention in their resume to get placed in start-up world:

"Professional skillsets, ability to take the pressure & working under deadline, quick learning ability and strong social media presence are most important skills. Online social verification is one of the newest parameters, recruiters look up to. Ensure your social media profiles are presentable. One should cleanse the professional profile which has your angry rants, embarrassing pictures, and posts to the extent possible," said Bhatti.

Mention Adaptive Skills :

Harsh Snehanshu, Co-Founder & CEO, YourQuote.in emphasized that freshers must mention adaptive skills in their CV and highlight projects undertaken during internships.

He further shared few skills startups look for in job applicants

"First and foremost is humility. Second is decent domain knowledge. We don't hire absolute beginners. Basic knowledge (that, if not there, can be acquired in a few months of taking up tasks with our team) is a must. However, absolute professionals aren't what we look for. The team is intentionally young and dynamic with a lot of hunger to learn and excel. There's nobody and never will be anyone in our team who's a complete noob," said Snehanshu.

Be Passionate About Your Work:

The startup industry is booming at a faster pace than one can imagine. Hiring the right kind of employees is crucial. According to Tuhin Roy, Co-founder, JUMPINGGOOSE (R), freshers should have three vital qualities that can add value to a growing organization.

"While hunger to learn and being passionate towards your work is vital. A great temperament is equally important to absorb pressure and work collaboratively with your colleagues. Remember a smiling face wins hearts. Besides being self-motivated and working independently, adaptability to new opportunities and the environment is paramount," said Roy.

Open Your Mind To New Possibilities:

Rohit Raj, Co-founder & Creative Chief, The Glitch recommends when working at a startup, be less rigid for picking up a skill.

"Come to work with your sleeves rolled up and prepare to get your hands dirty. This is a skill many possess but few display. Also, don't draw up any rules or structure yourself into departments and open your mind to lending a hand to solving problems irrespective of the vertical or department you were hired for." said Raj.

Nidhi Singh

Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific

A self confessed Bollywood Lover, Travel junkie and Food Evangelist.I like travelling and I believe it is very important to take ones mind off the daily monotony .

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