What Makes the Property Market Lucrative Right Now? In 2021, there will be a surge in demand from both homebuyers as well as investors after witnessing volatility across markets; vouching for real estate as the safest investment class

By Ram Raheja

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Real estate has always proven to be a secure asset class and a tangible investment in times of crisis. The pandemic resulted in a global calamity that brought attention back to basics and secure investments. Buying a home in 2021 has been the New Year wish for most of the investors. COVID-19 gave an impetus to a lot of buyers, especially fence-sitters.

In 2021, there will be a surge in demand from both homebuyers as well as investors after witnessing volatility across markets; vouching for real estate as the safest investment class. Key triggers like attractive rental returns and capital appreciation have augmented the trust of investors in this industry.

Are there enough reasons to purchase a property now? The answer is yes. With multiple benefits and relaxations from the government and authorities, like stamp duty deduction, lower home loan rates and other rebates; the sentiment is positive for investors and home buyers alike. National as well as international UHNIs are taking interest in residential real estate in India as they see huge potential in the sector.

Home buyers are looking to upgrade to bigger spaces. Those with a 1 BHK are looking for a 2 BHK; and so on and so forth. From layouts to amenities; post-pandemic residences have evolved. Along with owning a home, there is a rise in demand for developments that are well-planned and host a variety of facilities within their premises. A home buyer has always sought a holistic premise which has all the modern amenities. The emphasis on this requirement has definitely raised many notches in the new normal.

With newly launched projects from various developers, buyers have a plethora of options to make their decisions and hence they will prefer investing in a credible brand to avoid any risks. Investing in a new construction offers the option of customizing their apartments in their initial stages and omits the need to repair and renovate making it a smart investment move. Informed buyers are opting for branded developers to ensure their investment is secure and the product quality is premium.

Real estate value constantly increases over time and surpasses other investments. Supply follows demand, and the demand is continuing to rise. Even though the real estate market has seen ups and downs through the ages, it has never deteriorated over time. Investing in real estate allows you to safeguard yourself and your wealth. There will always be the importance of your land, and value in your home.

Buying a home and placing money into properties is regaining its old charm of being a tried-and-tested way to grow one's investment continuously. Number of first time homebuyers has now increased as people who were on the fence are now taking the plunge. It is one of the most crucial assets which one can pass on to their kids and generations to come, and if well-positioned, value of the property will continue to grow over the years. Time would shift but the profits of spending in real estate are only going to boost. It is a tangible asset that along with safety can also provide years of fun, happiness and priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

This truly is the right time to nurture your liquid cash into the most potential investment through brands that redefine and make real estate the most promising investment option. The economy has seen an acceleration in the third quarter of the financial year recording a positive growth. The forecast of improvement will further act as a catalyst to the positive sentiment amongst investors; keeping up the momentum of demand in the sector.

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Ram Raheja

Director, S Raheja Realty

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