Why Business Chat Apps Are a Perfect Fit for Enterprise Communication Work can get really screwed up when the communication channel is not strong and accurate.

By Pratik Kanada

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Ordinary chat apps are way back then business chat apps. These apps enable the employees to
have effective communication and get the things going smooth, effective and real quick.
Boosting productivity and time saving are some of the glittering benefits that business apps avail
its users. Let me let you in what employees actually want from work.

  • Balance between work and life
  • On the go trouble shooting
  • Immediate response

Basically, if these three things are availed to the employees then they remain highly satisfied
with their work space and with their personal life. Well, of course, job position and income do
matter but the work force these days are very prompt with their work and want things redressed
without patience and communication is the key for this.

Work is not limited to office space anymore, work from home and remote working are trending.
Employees want flexibility and freedom of working from remote locations so that they don't
have to put off their work to sacrifice their social life location. Even freelancing is a culture
growing rapidly and all this won't be possible at all without communication. Work can get really
screwed up when the communication channel is not strong and accurate.

Of course, mobile app development companies have come up with the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and such other apps that fill the communication gap but they will actually serve as a small pastry in a big birthday party. The features of these normal chat apps are not enough to combat with the business communication needs.

Why can general apps not serve as business chat apps?
Let me introduce you with some of the reasons and you yourself will agree that general chat
apps aren't a good fit for a business chat.
1) Security and privacy are at biggest threat when it comes to business chat.
2) There is a restriction on the members who can communicate with a common group.
3) File sharing with extensive data, call to action and organizing is not possible with general chat
4) You cannot expect each business member to be having the same device, mobile app or
5) Things can get really messy which is a disruption in the flow of communication.
6) Collaborating every member of each and every department together is not possible with
general apps.
Well, this was a brief on the drawbacks of general chat apps. Now, let's have a look at what
business chat apps have to offer.

1) Secured like white house
16th March 2017, the date on which our heart skipped a beat with the news that there's a bug in
WhatsApp which led a plethora of accounts in the hands of hackers. Just imagine if any
enterprise is using this app then what amount of trouble these will put them into. There are the
confidential and sensitive data of the company and also its users which if gone public can screw
the enterprise on a whole.

Business chat apps are built with the top-notch security systems like two-factor authentication, HMAC encryption and such others which cut off the security threats right from the beginning. Even extra security measures can also be integrated like minimum password length and strength of the password.

2) Arrange meeting, event, and poll
It is estimated that employees spend almost 4 hours in a week to update the work status. Too
much, isn't it? It's almost half a day. A business chats app or lets me specify a smart business chat
app will have filters to make things really easy by letting them search the files, location pins and
even chat messages by making use of the filters for message, group, and files. Instant messaging
apps for business will also enable the users to come up with meetings, polls, and events to invite
selected members from the enterprise.
3) Channelized chat feed
Well, every member of the enterprise needs to have access to information but not each one of
them needs to have knowledge of every piece of information. This can be channelized with
business chat app. There can also be ease in getting to the content where you reach a conclusion
in the previous discussion which will make things easier.

Pratik Kanada

CEO, 360 Degree Technosoft

CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company. Writes about Leadership, Start-up Quests, Social Media, Latest Tech Trends and Mobile Applications.

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