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Why Inner-Mastery is key to Self-Growth Motivational Speakers Juan Pablo and Jay Jay share that you can try to control so many factors outside of your control, but if you can achieve inner-mastery, self-growth becomes easier for you to achieve.

By Srivatsa KR

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Juan Pablo and Jay Jay
Juan Pablo and Jay Jay

Success in public often goes hand-in-hand with success in your personal life. To achieve this, you need to have some form of control, either internal or external. However, external control puts you at the mercy of others, while internal control puts you at your own mercy. Mastering your inner self and learning to control your impulses is the key to success and self-growth, argue transformational coach Juan Pablo and motivational speaker Jay Jay.

Juan Pablo Barahona, popularly known as JuanPa, is a transformational leader, speaker, and holistic yoga teacher who is a believer in inner-mastery as a way of harnessing your inner power to succeed. On the other hand, Joshua Jayaweera, aka Jay Jay, is an international speaker and TV host who advocates training the mind to achieve personal mastery.

Through their international speaking events, both the leaders have enabled their audiences to master their inner selves to achieve self-growth and success.

What is Inner-Mastery?

Mastery is the proficiency and comprehensive knowledge in one or more subjects. Inner-mastery is taking mastery a step further by fully understanding who you fundamentally are and what drives you. To fully be your own master, you have to discover your inner power and take full responsibility for your life. It is knowing your fears and finding ways of mastering those fears.

Inner-mastery is not a one-day task; it is a process and a lifelong journey where you discover newer ways to master yourself every time.

Is Inner-Mastery really important?

"I get this question so many times," chuckles JuanPa. "The answer is yes. You cannot fully grow if you have not fully mastered yourself. The transformation has to come from within."

Inner-Mastery helps you develop habits, attitudes, and beliefs that will enable you to live your life to the fullest. It allows you to develop the ability to fully control yourself in any situation without giving in to your whims. You become more disciplined and persistent when it comes to achieving your goals.

"Inner-Mastery helps you achieve clarity on the important things in your life and enables you to prioritize what needs to be prioritized. It also helps you control your emotional impulses, allowing you to make decisions rationally instead of emotionally," adds Jay Jay.

How does one achieve Inner-Mastery?

Achieving self-mastery is only for those who are willing to face themselves and do things that may occasionally be painful for the betterment of their future. For instance, something may sound good in the short-term but not be helpful in your long-term goals. Someone who has mastered their inner self will know that they have to let the short-term pleasure go for the sake of their long-term plans.

"The key to inner-mastery is having patience, honesty, excellence, purity, and faith; the patience and restraint to allow things to happen in their own time instead of trying to force things and ending up frustrated," states JuanPa. The honesty to yourself and being true to your words, whether to yourself or others. "To give your all in everything you do to excel in everything. To be pure in your body through a healthy lifestyle – diet, exercise, and enough sleep. To have faith in yourself and the path you have chosen for your life. All these are some of the values you need to achieve self-mastery," says Jay Jay.

So, what are the steps that you can take to master yourself fully and unlock your full potential? There are several of them that can be broadly classified into four.


This is the first step in inner-mastery, where you dig deep to learn yourself more. This includes analyzing your past and your present and learning to live in the present at all times. Self-awareness involves gaining insight into your beliefs and values and analyzing your emotions and actions to determine your principles.

"You can only achieve control over your life when you understand yourself," Juanpa explains. "Self-awareness helps you to be in the present so that you can be aware of your thoughts and emotions," elaborates Jay Jay.


Self-awareness leads to self-knowledge, where you understand your values, purpose, and principles in life and how you apply them in your life. Jay Jay opines, "self-awareness empowers you to gain insights into your strengths and how to make them better, and your weaknesses and improve yourself. You also know the areas that you are good at and the ones you are struggling in."


Once you're aware of yourself, it's time to start acting on the strengths and weaknesses that you've identified. JuanPa explains, "you need to make choices for your improvement and ensure that you follow through your choices with actions. You have to be willing to take any action necessary so that you make changes in your life."


"Once you have gone through self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-development, it becomes possible for you to achieve self-mastery," shares Jay Jay. "With more clarity and control, you can focus on your visions and goals and come up with plans on how to achieve them," concludes JuanPa.

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