3 Tips For Starting Out In The Experiential Events Space in India

Starting something based on your experience and observation can be the ladder to a stable venture.

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By Parth Chandok


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If there is one thing common about every successful entrepreneur who ventured in any given experiential business space is that they dared to undertake something that not everyone envisions and executes. The idea precedes the initiation and giving a face to such great ideas which, with enough work and dedication turn into successful start-ups, inspiring many others to take up their out-of-the-box ideas.

I cannot quote my contemporaries here, but what I can say for myself is that such experiential spaces, especially that of events and parties, comes with challenges that hide in plain sight initially. Sure, the idea is absolutely pivotal in a plan, but what are some challenges that you should be ready to take on if you are venturing into the experiential events space in India? Here are three tips that may help you brace yourself for the challenging but fruitful journey that lies ahead:

  • Step Out Of The Comfort Zone

The comfort and security of a steady 9-5 job tempts innumerable potential entrepreneurs to stay put in their cabins. However, one needs to remember that an idea doesn't develop itself. Not only does it need active execution but also steady effort and inputs. While it may seem lucrative to stay put in your job, the first stair to success lies in leaving that behind and having the gumption to take your idea and build it into a concrete plan.

An experiential business space requires the entrepreneurs to not only observe and analyse the space but also devise ways of providing a distinguishing factor in the idea and its execution of the business. To put it briefly, don't let your comfort zone define your business plans. Lead them with the rigour and zeal of a true entrepreneur.

  • Aim For Long-Term Goals

If there's one thing that I have nurtured and developed in my entrepreneurial consciousness, it's to keep the long-term goals in sight as much as, if not more than the short-term ones. An events business in India, and everywhere in the world, requires active involvement and faith of the clients to stabilize one's venture. So, when your business thrives on how your clients perceive you, their satisfaction becomes a top priority.

In an experiential events space, one keeps profit aspects in long-term goals, the quality of their business' service is likely to shift out of sight. In an experiential events space, wherein your venture is characterized by path-breaking, new ventures aiming to win new clients and the confidence of old ones', it is your long sightedness in objective formulation that will drive you and your business forward.

  • Calculated Risks

I think the word "experiential' entails an inherent amount of risk-taking aspect in itself. If anything, the last thing than an entrepreneur should expect from such a space is absolute certainty, both in execution of plans and its returns. One of the key factors that will help you build and develop your business both in and out of the circuit is your propensity to take risks, or rather, calculated risks.

This is where your true entrepreneurial skills are put to test. Each and every decision and risk you take for and on behalf of your business will eventually define your venture. An experiential events space, especially in a diverse country like India, demands sharp understanding of the nuances of the business along with the conscious and calculated digressions from the mainstream events businesses.

I am a believer of the fact that how you decide to mould your own business venture should be a result of your own effort, brainstorming, and dedication. However, with a good head start into the direction proves to be helpful in getting the ball rolling.

Parth Chandok

Co-founder, Sloshout

Parth Chandok co-founded Sloshout, an online venue booking platform in late 2015. He has practiced almost all the operations from scratch to extreme, belonging to Marketing, Sales & Business Development

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