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Why Tutoring Can be a Solid Source of Additional Income Pursuing a full time career is not everyone's cup of tea!

By Rahul Rai

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With 315 million students, India has the highest student population in the world. Out of these gigantic student population, 3.3 million are over 30 years, 12 lakhs above 60 years, 1.2 lakh over 80 years and millions of students are between primary and senior secondary school. This huge student base is an untapped opportunity that can be channelized to generate income for various professionals or experts who want to share his knowledge and expertise, to add an additional source of income. The tutoring business is worth $40 billion, which means it has lot to offer to potential tutors and trainers in the coming years.

Here is how anyone can tap this huge tutoring opportunities:

Love teaching? Sign up as a Tutor or Trainer

Indians are very focused in educational achievements and to a great extent even obsessed about marks and grades. A student's mettle is often judged by the marks he scores in an exam. So more than 80% of the Indian parents consider private tuition as essential for their child's education. They are ready to pay up to Rs. 4,000/month for their children. The tuition boom can also be seen as a failure of the Indian educational system, which have failed to provide quality education in the classroom. Due to bigger class size, it has become almost impossible for teachers to give individual attention to students in a classroom environment.

An individual with expertise in a particular subject or domain with passion for teaching can register themselves as a Tutor or Trainer on online education platforms like and share their knowledge about a subject and earn an extra income. They can offer their tutoring services without coming in the way of their regular work.

Are you a professional? Share your specialized knowledge

The world has become more dynamic and competitive like never before. Gone are the days when learning was considered as limited to students only. Now students, professionals and people from every walk of life alike are becoming a part of the learning community, to acquire new knowledge, building expertise and brush up their skills, to stay relevant and excel in their academic or professional field.

Millions of students, professionals even businessmen are in search for top-notched tutors or trainers who can help them achieve their personal goals. Any professional can tap into this huge opportunity by sharing his specialised knowledge (education or non-educational categories like Dance & Music, Yoga, Art & Craft classes) and expertise, thus adding an additional income to their regular pay check.

Great source of income for Stay-at-Home Moms

Pursuing a full time career is not everyone's cup of tea, especially for those who need to look after a family. After a certain period, women many a time take a break from work to focus on their children and home. Tutoring can be a great option for stay-at-home moms who can spare few hours as per their convenience to share their knowledge with students. Tutoring is an engaging and rewarding experience, which gives stay-at-home moms a sense of satisfaction to utilize their learning. They can earn up to 20,000/month by sparing few hours every day, which is a great way to stay engaged and earn at the same time.

Taking up private tuition offers a host of other benefits as well. Tutors can take up classes as per their convenience and select students who suits their educational qualifications and expertise. Tutoring can also be seen as a medium for tutors or trainers to explore their potential as a great teacher or mentor, to shape students' character and perception.

Rahul Rai

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