3 Reasons Why Anil Kumble Will Spurt Up Indian Cricket Team Kumble's back in the cricket scene and here's why he's definitely going to deliver a killer performance

By Rustam Singh

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Nothing unites India better than cricket and Bollywood. The fever of nationalism takes a new road when its nearing world cup times and quite literally all screens are lit cheering for their favorite sport. Then came the IPL series, which satisfied the urge of impatient cricket followers who want to watch their favorite sportsmen play more frequently. Matches are now shorter to keep the user engaged, prizes are jaw-droopingly higher and they've literally added cheerleaders to keep the user hooked to an addictive sport. Like anything that involves so much fame and power, where celebrity endorsements after being successful run in the millions and there are tens of more millions idolizing and hoping for your best performance, cricket sure has its fair share of controversies as well. Recently, the most experience cricketers in the country Anil Kumble got nominated as the current head coach of the National Indian cricket team. As an epitome of how the real MVPs of cricket play Anil Kumble is brushing off the controversies surrounding this move and fans are eager for the exceptional leadership that will follow.

Here are some things we're looking for to in the Indian cricket team with Anil Kumble's entry:

He's recommended straight by the Cricket Advisory Committee

The BCCI put out a formal advertisement for a new coach in the first week of June and received about 57 applications. Naturally, Anil Kumble applied but unfortunately couldn't make the first cut of 21 people. However, on the request of the Cricket Advisory Committee, which includes legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman, Kumble's name was included, and naturally he became an instant favorite with everyone.

He has been a mentor for the IPL

Even though the BCCI prefers players with previous experience as a coach, Kumble's exemplary performance as a mentor during the IPL twice worked out in his favor. His experience as a cricketer himself was also no less of an advantage. The glorious history of his career included India's highest wicket-taker in Tests, and the third-highest worldwide with 619 wickets, including a best of 10 for 74 against Pakistan in Delhi in 1999.

The selection criteria was international

BCCI did not include a statutory that only Indian coaches must be selected. In the short lsiting of possible candidates for being a coach for the Indian cricket team, BCCI received several international reputed coaches as well including Tom Moody and Andy Moles. BCCI's president Anurag Thakur also confirmed that Anil Kumble was selected not on the basis of his nationality but because they wanted the very best for India.

Since his retirement Kumble has also served administrative roles and tried his hand at entrepreneurship. He was also elected the president of the Karnataka State Cricket Association in November 2010, and served as a chairman of the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore and also headed BCCI's technical committee from 2012 to 2015. While he has been given the key to this massively powerful automobile called cricket, it essentially boils down to how he drives it now. We can only speculate and watch. Are you excited to see Kumble work his magic as a coach or were you vouching for someone else? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India

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