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Building The Legacy-Differentiating Through A Focus On Customer Merit The successful brands consider all the aspects that are directly connected to customer's needs, emotions and competitive environment, and create products that guide customers to a better decision making, time and again.

By Kamal Khetan

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In today's evolving consumer market, how well the brand continues to differentiate from the oversaturated crowd and win customers' loyalty through a successful strategy is as imperative as the brand launch plan that makes a splash in the market. It requires an investment of time, energy, and planning that continuously works towards engagement with the customer through multiple touchpoints. Our extensive research approach has helped us to understand that a brand that embeds itself into demographics and psychographic of people, converts unknown potential audience to a brand.

The successful brands consider all the aspects that are directly connected to customer's needs, emotions and competitive environment, and create products that guide customers to a better decision making, time and again. It is the intentional and strategic approach with a long-term goal for sustainable growth that provides the guiding principle to the brands through detailed market research and strategic delivery. The best brand connection ideas come from deliberate and honest insight that takes them to a unique path forward.

Create a client avatar

The customer, especially in luxury real estate, needs to find the right differentiating factor which meets the customer demand. To create an effective brand that resonates with the potential customer and offers exclusivity, differentiating various products as per customer's requirement is an important measure. The brand should be an avatar of its ideal client and encapsulate an ethos of the brand along with the elusiveness of market demand. The brand should speak to the customer directly through creative identity and be able to create a feeling that the brand knows what they want, their needs, an understanding of their anxieties and dislikes. It results in like, trust and sets a marketing cinch for the brand's business goals. Clear positioning, deceptively simple typography and logo immediately acts almost like a mnemonic that rescues the brand from Achilles' heel of a versatile brand of the same category. For instance, our products thrive on the basic tenets of diverse branding such as impression, quality, value and satisfaction, leading to reputation and recommendation. The differentiation is not based on pricing alone; but offerings which help us to accomplish compelling need of our core customers in each segment. Each of our product category offer the primary taste of luxury in its compact form that is tailormade to suit their need.

Mixing the old with the new to socializing

Running a successful business is not just about choosing the appropriate market or having a high-quality product. It's about benefiting with social contact and spending time with the potential customers in today's Internet era. It's about how the brand stays connected, share knowledge, adapt strategy according to the trends, and get introduced by them to another set of the potential audience. Leveraging the right kind of digital and social media platforms to reach the target audience helps the brand to understand a customer's context. It helps to become in-bound, driven by the customer, rather than outbound, pushed by the brand.

Expand the reach through unconventional mediums

One of the most effective ways to establish and strengthen your brand is by connecting with potential customers at every level and creating recall of the brand standards. Don't limit it to only advertising and public relation, rather encompass all the platforms—leverage training material, technical information, electronic presentations, industry trades, general interest events and use of non-traditional promotional opportunities to command attention. Sustain the communication strategy through experiential efforts over time rather than blitzing the audience in multiple channels for a couple of months and then falling into oblivion. Not to forget, a consistent visual identity system and communication support your brand connection strategy.

Become a knowledge authority

One of the most effective ways to strengthen the brand is through content. Whether it's a blog or video content, be the one with lots of engaging, content that interests people and adds value to their life. It generates millions of impressions, all of which have a positive effect on brand recognition. It can also be leveraged as an advertisement that creates timeless gratitude. Moreover, it has a complementary effect on SEO, with engaging content, that the brand can make a great long-term strategy to improve website traffic.

Technology—catalysts of disruptive change

In real estate, technology has transformed every area of business—starting from product development to marketing and portfolio expansion. It provides access to a seamless experience rather than an actual product. As a result, shift dynamics of usual business to transform it into a nuanced business model. The best products don't always make the most successful companies, but the ability to evolve with an ever-changing customer by focusing on emotional undercurrent that draws their attention. Case in example, many customers spend a considerable time on their smartphones, offering them an app to connect with the brand easily makes a lot of sense. If the nature of the business allows it, one can go even further and create more services to create an effortless experience for the customer. For real estate brands, providing security features, automating home facilities, utility management services, design elements for interiors, etc. shape convenient ways to connect with customers. The list of possibilities is endless. Getting creative and thinking of ways to add value to customers' life is important.

Kamal Khetan

Chairman and Managing Director, Sunteck Realty

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