Leading a Family Business with a Vision of Change The skincare brand has forayed into different markets including Dubai, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Post 2019, it diversified into making its products available outside salons through pharmacies and modern trade.

By Paromita Gupta

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Vidur Kapur, Director, O3+ Skincare

It was in 2012 when Vidur Kapur joined O3+ Professional, his family salon business. The venture was established in 1967 when Kapur's grandfather realized that the growing influence of West and Bollywood would lead to the demand for waxing, facials, and threading in India. Previously, O3+ imported a sizable amount of their products from countries such as Spain and Germany to India.

Having pursued a degree in Business Studies and Economics from the University of Manchester in 2009, Kapur was drawn to the family business for a cause, "What I actually felt was that digitalization was something which was very futuristic at that time for India." Under his charge, O3+ Professional began selling online, on platforms such as Jabong, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and later, Amazon.

"I felt that we already have the offline business so nicely taken care of with our distribution, available from Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari. I felt that now, getting into the online part and to make the product available into people's houses will be very interesting for us," shares Vidur Kapur, Director, O3+ Skincare. In the 2010s, O3+ was selling online alongside the biggest brands such as Lakmé and L'Oreal.

The skincare brand has forayed into different markets including Dubai, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Post 2019, it diversified into making its products available outside salons through pharmacies and modern trade.

Talking about the challenges which he and O3+ faced, he shares that it's important to have a grip on the ever-changing trends and needs of the customers. "I feel that being a professional-only brand taking it across and making it a household name was something which I was very clear about. Being from a professional industry, you are always confined to the salon, but then when I came in, I made different ranges. And I broke that that thinking that okay, then we are only going to be towards professionals by taking into different verticals and taking it abroad," shares Kapur.

On asking his most memorable moment of heading the family business, he shares "I was just in Dubai recently and I had gone to a salon and somebody asked 'why don't you use this particular product?' and I was like, wow, and when you see that kind of thing happening, or my friends telling me ordering O3+ facials in Dubai. So, that is a feeling that can't be compared to any other feeling, it's just a beautiful feeling."

Looking ahead, Kapur aims at getting into different other verticals, with hair, ayurveda and dermatologists and clinics being the top priority. O3+ will continue to expand its overseas presence while focusing big time on the general market.

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