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The Sound Crafter: Girish Taurani Girish believes the rich catalogue they have is a pot of gold, and they have only scratched the surface. He is primarily focused on maximizing Tips Industries' growth as a publicly listed company.

By Punita Sabharwal

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Girish Taurani, Chief Operating Officer, Tips Music

Since his childhood, Girish Taurani was introduced to business and was intertwined with a deep connection to music. As a child, he had the privilege of experiencing music before its official release. The 1990s marked the unveiling of some of the most iconic tracks released by Tips as well as witnessing the creation of CDs and cassettes that left a lasting impression on him.

"Memories of assisting my father in crafting film project promotions remain vivid. Some of my fondest memories include previewing "Soldier" film promos and "Janam Samjha Karo" song teasers. Music's fusion with artistry naturally filled our home, nurturing creativity," shares Girish Taurani, Chief Operating Officer, Tips Music.

When it comes to his noticeable steps, acquiring content like Mani Rathnam's Ponniyin Selvan 1 & 2 (with A.R. Rahman's music) stands out as a bold move. But overall, he had a more pronounced impact on the operational side of things within the company.

Talking about combining two operating styles in one business, Girish says, "I wouldn't say it's about being different, but more of an evolution. My father, Mr. Kumar Taurani (MD & Chairman), brings an unparalleled history and experience in the industry. While he holds that invaluable expertise, I contribute a new energy and technological advancements that keep us on par with the best in the music field. For instance, we've embraced Dolby Atmos technology for all our tracks, new releases and catalogue, to enhance the music experience. It's about blending the best of both worlds."

Girish believes the rich catalogue they have is a pot of gold, and they have only scratched the surface. "Our focus is on fully exploring these resources, exploring every avenue for growth. Looking ahead, the landscape has evolved with the rise of short-format video platforms and UGC gaining prominence. We are strategically positioned to capitalize on these emerging trends," he adds.

He is primarily focused on maximizing Tips Industries' growth as a publicly listed company. "While we're not investing in startups at the moment, we're keeping an eye out for opportunities that align with our goals. Our priority is to further establish our own firm before venturing into other avenues. If the right fit emerges, we'd definitely consider investing in startups to stay ahead in the 21st-century landscape," states Girish.


Age - 36

Current turnover - FY 22-23 - 187 Crores

Number of employees – 100 plus

Punita Sabharwal

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur India

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