"We Work Towards the Goal of Eradicating Hunger and Malnutrition:" Says Sunil Kapur Sunil Kapur, Chairman, KCorp Charitable Foundation talks about about his foundation's flagship initiative towards the nutrition of children and women in the villages of Maharashtra

By Kritika Agrawal

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In a country like India, nutrition has an important role in building the right foundation. K Hospitality Foundation, which has its charitable arm called KCorp Charitable Foundation has launched its latest campaign focusing on 1000 days nutrition for children. This initiative is being taken up across 51 villages in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. In a telephonic conversation with Entrepreneur India, Sunil Kapur, Chairman at K Korp Charitable Foundation talked about his foundation's flagship initiative towards the nutrition of children and women in the villages of Maharashtra, how this initiative has spread to 51 villages in Palghar district of Maharashtra and why did the organization think nutrition as a prime factor for their charitable initiatives.

1000 Days of Nutrition

The initiative of Action Against Hunger is a group's key charitable foundation. We've created this foundation, which is going to be dealing with all the responsibilities and initiatives towards society. I would like to give some background on this. A lot of these initiatives are reaching out to society right from my father's time and subsequently, I took this responsibility and then finally my two sons are now leading the group forward in all its charitable initiatives and are also expanding the business. My father thought it's important to be responsible towards society.

One of the key factors was nutrition and from there the whole idea of this initiative kicked off. Most people do a lot of other things like in education and other areas. However, for us, nutrition is in the business of food becomes a very important initiative.

We are focusing on the first thousand days of a child's life. We focus on children and women in the villages. The initiative has been taken up across 51 villages in Palghar district of Maharashtra. The whole purpose is to eradicate malnutrition and other health-related issues around the first thousand days of children. From nutrition to guidance to education, this initiative involves all the necessary aspects that a child needs when he is born until the time of his education.

Why Only Nutrition?

We can do a lot of work for the society in other ways also but the most ideal way we thought was providing nutrition. We work towards the goal of eradicating hunger and malnutrition. We do a commercial business of 90 million customers every year so, this is how we wanted to give back to society. Some people are helping others medically or in educating but for our organization to be able to provide health and eradicate hunger, nutrition becomes a key factor.

We need to do something to give back to society. In a country like India, we have people who don't get proper meals and we see children are growing undernourished. If we can be as more part of that, I think that's where it all came from.

Ground Operation

We have a team, which identifies the villages. We are also associated with different organizations which are already in these operations. We're donating unsold food to the organizations which then take it to nearby orphanages and others. We have already started providing one to three meals a day to the underprivileged. But the most important thing is that we're very particular about the quality of the food we are serving and its transportation in a controlled environment. We are now expanding this initiative to more cities.


There's no limit to what we'd like to do but the important thing is it has to reach the right people and has to reach in a structured manner. It is taking a little more time but gradually we will expand this to pan India wherever we can and wherever we have the facilities to expand. We are already working this in many cities. I don't have the exact number but we will soon expand this initiative to some more levels.

Kritika Agrawal

Correspondent, Restaurant India

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