What's one of the most common pain points an entrepreneur faces in their life? Most entrepreneurs find themselves alone and need someone truly helpful in their ventures. Whether it's the environment that they're in or the people that they work with, they need help understanding how many things seek their attention and dissipate their energy

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Pradeep Kumar and Devina Rao

What's one of the most common pain points an entrepreneur faces in their life?

Most entrepreneurs find themselves alone and need someone truly helpful in their ventures. Whether it's the environment that they're in or the people that they work with, they need help understanding how many things seek their attention and dissipate their energy.

Every day, these entrepreneurs and their teams have to take on an array of responsibilities, encompassing customer relations, supplier interactions, people management, production oversight, input procurement, generating consistent cash flow from output products and services and various other tasks. Even when equipped with competent teams, those team members may not possess the mindset and understanding required to manage with greater empowerment and infinite consciousness. This phase is where empowerment becomes an imperative need of the hour, ensuring that these entrepreneurs can effectively drive their business forward.

Should entrepreneurs shift their focus from solely adopting logical tactics and strategies, a way of working typically ingrained in their mindset, to empowering themselves to lead their personal growth and their team's development at a more elevated level?

Definitely! Along with employing tactical tools, logical strategies, and a growth mindset, entrepreneurs must also empower themselves to elevate their awareness to a higher plane. The reason is quite simple: they often lack guidance on maintaining their empowerment during both prosperous and challenging periods.

The highs in their business endeavours can bring multiple demands and distractions that deteriorate their true abilities. Therefore, maintaining a stable power flow and grounded strength is necessary.

They must summon the courage and inner power to meet all requirements headon. When armed with this conviction, they emerge as the driving force behind the success of their enterprise, consistently taking on the role of truly awakened business leaders.

If you had to share one tip for entrepreneurs on keeping themselves stable, whether it be a high in their business, profitable months or a low month, how do they keep themselves steady and grounded?

So, what's the secret to staying stable and grounded during both prosperous and challenging times?

Entrepreneurs must learn to harness their power and direct their attention towards two critical arenas: The source, which lies within themselves as their upline, and the enterprise, which is their downline.

External factors such as global competition may loom, but individuals who remain steadfast in their alignment of purpose ultimately emerge victorious. Their mission statement should outline the services they intend to offer to ensure consistent customer satisfaction and a robust cash flow. Also, profitability is essential to thrive in varying business environments, as daily challenges are inevitable. With a healthy cash flow, entrepreneurs can confidently navigate these challenges, making them the undisputed kings of their kingdoms. The key is to turn their current situation into currency, and that currency is the lifeblood of their business.

Achieving this is possible by making customers feel delighted, a core principle. While maintaining this perspective, entrepreneurs should sustain their joy and inner peace. This combination guarantees the highest level of prosperity, as abundance always graces those who find peace and joy in their service purpose, their 'why'. This understanding, coupled with awareness and awakening, empowers entrepreneurs to manage their ventures at an elite and profitable level.

This Divine-class approach transcends traditional business education, which often leaves individuals feeling directionless during various phases of their entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurs can secure stability and unlock their full performance potential by embracing their inner power through creative energy order. Once enlightened, they can share their light with others and serve all stakeholders with love, wisdom and greatness. This feature spotlights two remarkable individuals: Shri Pradeep Kumar, a Business Keyperson Empowerment Coach and the author of the #1 Bestselling book on Amazon, 'CREATIVE ENERGY ORDER,'. He is passionately dedicated to the mission of serving 108 new billionaires.

Along with him featured is his daughter, Devina Rao. A Manifestation Coach, author of the book 'EMOTION ALCHEMY,' who is on an empowering journey to inspire and co-create 144,000 new multi-millionaires in India through practical manifestation by the year 2047.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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