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4 Tips and Tricks To Combat Screen Damage Whether we are working on computers, scrolling through social media on smartphones, or indulging in our favourite shows on tablets, the time spent in front of screens has increased manifold.

By Kavya Pillai

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Andras Vas

In India, smartphone use and internet subscribers grew during the Covid-19 pandemic period, particularly as schools went online with digital learning.In our modern, fast-paced world, screens have seamlessly integrated into our daily routines. Whether we are working on computers, scrolling through social media on smartphones, or indulging in our favourite shows on tablets, the time spent in front of screens has increased manifold.

Also known as computer vision syndrome, it encompasses a range of eye and vision-related issues resulting from prolonged digital device use such as headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, and dry eyes, he explained. As our reliance on screens continues to rise, it becomes imperative to adopt strategies to manage and minimise the impact of digital eye strain on our overall well-being.

1. The 20-20-20 Rule

When working on a desktop, ensure that your screen is at eye level, about an arm's length away and that you are sitting in a comfortable, well-supported chair. Prolonged exposure to screens without breaks is a significant contributor to digital eye strain. The 20-20-20 rule proves invaluable in mitigating this strain: take a 20-second break every 20 minutes of screen usage and look at something 20 feet away. Incorporating this simple habit into your routine helps reduce eye strain and keeps your eyes refreshed. This can also be done by setting timers or using apps that remind you to take these regular breaks, ensuring your eyes get the rest they need.

2. Screen Brightness

The brightness of your screens plays an important role in eye comfort. Adjust your device brightness to match your surroundings, avoiding both excessive and low brightness that can put a strain on your eyes. Besides, consider using dark or night mode in the evenings to decrease exposure to blue light, which has been associated with disrupted sleep patterns. Being mindful of your screen time and adopting these strategies not only enhances visual comfort but also contributes to your overall well-being.

3. Do Not Stop Blinking

Blinking, often overlooked, is crucial for maintaining eye moisture. Extended screen time can lead to reduced blinking frequency, resulting in dry and irritated eyes. Therefore, make a conscious effort to blink regularly as it keeps your eyes lubricated. If necessary, use artificial tears recommended by a healthcare professional to alleviate persistent dryness.

4. Screen Quality

Invest in high-resolution screens with anti-glare technology to minimise eye strain. Anti-glare filters can be added to existing screens, diminishing reflections and glare. Besides, regular eye check-ups are essential to address any underlying vision problems promptly. Striking a healthy balance between screen use and eye care is key to preserving your vision in a screen-centric world.

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