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5 Areas Entrepreneurs Are Manifesting Changes For In 2024 Recently, though, manifestation has seen a surge of interest. According to Google Trends, the search term "how to manifest" has steadily risen in the last five years. It comes as no surprise that individuals are not just manifesting overall wellness but changes in specific areas of their lives. We spoke to some such individuals to know what these carrier/sector-specific manifestations are.

By Kavya Pillai

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The magic of New Year's simply put is when that clock strikes midnight, we all get a fresh start. While every year we grow and gain a lot there are some areas where we need this freshness. A list of resolutions leaves no room for a change of heart, direction, or life's path for us. It doesn't allow space for destiny's curve balls thrown our way to help us along our journey towards our most authentic selves. Manifestations, however, are a design of things we find ideal and have a deep desire for. This design is also what we are working towards daily and all we wish is for the goal to be met. " It helps one to not stop until they get the desired results," said Himani Chaudhary, a Financial Educator.

This concept of manifesting your reality through thought (or the "law of attraction," as it's sometimes called) can also be traced back to ancient spiritual teachings, including Hindu ideas, about the unity of your mind, body, and the universe. Recently, though, manifestation has seen a surge of interest. According to Google Trends, the search term "how to manifest" has steadily risen in the last five years. It comes as no surprise that individuals are not just manifesting overall wellness but changes in specific areas of their lives. We spoke to some such individuals to know what these carrier/sector-specific manifestations are.

1. Business

Aditya Kilachand, Founder & CEO of Avas Wellness said, " I've learned the importance of articulating my vision. A few things I'm expecting this year are first and foremost gratification from our first few homeowners and further building on that. Looking forward to completing our community, which we believe is the most unique project happening in India right now. Also, the connectivity the Trans Harbour Link will bring into the already buoyant Alibaugh landscape." On a more tech-first front, Rohit Pandit, MD at People's Group and CEO of Shuzlan Energy said, "Our focal points will encompass the seamless integration of technology, the broadening of medical systems, and spearheading initiatives geared towards fostering social impact. Foreseeing the burgeoning role of AI in healthcare, we aim to propel the evolution of digital solutions to enhance our services even further." When it comes to the hospitality industry Hitesh Keswani, Founder of The Coconut Boy a popular eatery in Mumbai shared, "I anticipate challenges as we are slated to open between 9-11 new outlets but I see them as opportunities for learning and adaptation. Flexibility and adaptability will continue to be indispensable virtues, enabling me to navigate changing landscapes and emerging trends within the ever-evolving hospitality realm."

2. Self Love

Nikhil Taneja, Co-founder and Chief of Yuvaa opened up and shared, "As an entrepreneur, there are several ambitions that never materialise, several battles you fight and fail, several dreams that never quite see the light of day. And we take all that burden on ourselves, without pausing to recognise the dreams that did come true, the battles we did win, and the ambitions we did achieve. It's okay to fail, and it's imperative to be kind to yourself!" Similarly, beauty content creator, Malvika Sitlani and Co-founder of MASIC Beauty shared "I've had a difficult year and so I truly want to make sure that I'm intentional about this year. I worried too much and before I knew it, the year 2023 had ended so I want to make sure that I'm working hard but also living life alongside. I want to create memories while I can." Anushka Rathod, Finance Content Creator said " I'm geared up to tackle a new challenge participating in a 10k marathon, pushing my physical boundaries while embracing a healthy lifestyle."

3. Lifestyle and Business

Henrik Haagen, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Norse Brands, "For 2024 we are excited to launch our first Nordic Home Experience Center in Alibaug, Mumbai. We will be showcasing not only the most iconic furniture and lighting designs from the Nordic Region but even teaching the Indian consumers the aesthetics of simple living in Scandinavia. So for us, 2024 will be a defining year for establishing a foothold for Nordic/Scandinavian brands within the luxury home & lifestyle segment." As for the delivery space, Zorawar Kalra the Founder of Massive Restaurants stated, "The Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities have become an incredibly important aspect of our business and have been extremely surprising in a positive manner in terms of the consumption patterns there as well as the potential for doing business. The restaurant industry is going to continue to burgeon, the cloud business, the delivery business is going to continue to burgeon, and we are extremely hopeful for 2024." Mohak Narang an actor and Content creator shared, "Winning awards was a validation of my efforts, and in the coming year, I aim to achieve new milestones, explore entrepreneurial ventures, and contribute significantly to the industry's growth."

4. Mental Health

Dr Rahul Chandok, Head Consultant, Mental Health & Behavioural Science, Artemis Hospitals, Gurugram spoke about how in 2023 he observed a positive shift in how people care for their mental health but it has not percolated to the level of awareness. It seems people still take mental health issues as they are someone else's problem and cannot happen to them or their family. "There's still a need to grow awareness that mental health is as important as physical health. This is evident by the high number of suicide cases in Kota Rajasthan by students where there seems to be a failure to recognise symptoms of stress and depression," he said. "I would want people to seek out help early by recognising symptoms of mental health disorders. Early intervention leads to better results. In 2024, I anticipate more advancements in my field"

5. Creativity

Yashi Tank, an Entrepreneur and Content creator shared that in the coming year, she is "expecting continued innovation, increased demand for niche content, integration of virtual and augmented reality, and a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. There will be opportunities for cross-platform collaboration, personalized and interactive content, and new monetization models." In fashion Suraj Pal Singh an Entrepreneur and Content creator said he "aspires to make Suyash Fashion a household name, transcending mere financial success to achieve widespread recognition and influence." Aruna Mucherla, an Actor and Chef said, "I'm super excited about what's in store! One thing I'm looking forward to is making a bigger impact in promoting sustainability and healthy food choices. It's something that I care deeply about. I've been posting content to increase awareness about sustainability and I can't wait to contribute more to it. Additionally, I'm eager to continue learning and growing."

Kavya Pillai

Entrepreneur Staff

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