An Entrepreneur's Journey From Their 20s to 30s

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There is a repeated attempt of life to teach her something as we hit the various milestones of life. What you are at the age of 10 and what you decided to be when you will be 20 isn't anywhere closer to what you actually are in your 20, isn't it? The phase between 20 to 30 years of your age inculcates numerous twists and turns those initially break and mould us but eventually make us shine. So, what are the lessons that every 20 something learns while he/she reaches 30 something?


1. People are temporary – Nothing crumbles the walls of heart as much as people departing from life do. While initially, it terrifies us, we later on gradually end up learning that people are temporary. We tend to lose countless people especially the ones who promised to stay forever. But, life doesn't stop, it carries itself on.

2. Priorities mean everything – You finally realise who treats you like an option and who makes it an embossed point to keep you at the top of the priorities list. This phase particularly teaches you to let go off individuals who do not value your presence until they have an option ready.

3. Life is short – You have been overhearing this phrase a lot but it never made sense as much as it does now. You would no longer postpone the plan for another week, you would finally stop taking your people for granted because gradually the epiphanies inculcate how shorter this life actually is into you.

4. Insecurities are controlled – You are no longer feeding your empty heart with the ghost of insecurities. You no longer attempt to fit in rather you prefer standing out. You have embraced the uniqueness your heart holds. You turn out to confident who knows what you are and why you are.

5. Goals set straight - Dreaming and believing practically becomes your motto you do not dream in the air anymore. Yes, you have a chalked out plan in front of you and you look forward to achieving the goals that you have planned one after the other.

6. Seeking validation – Whether you should put the makeup or not, whether your four figured salary is enough or not, whether you should ask him out or not, all these questions still exist but what no longer exist is you seeking out validation. You no longer rely on people and their baseless opinions to form your own. You finally understand what being self-sufficient means and why being your own critic is certainly the finest thing you can ever gift yourself.

7. To take it at ease – There must be countless issues that would have been bothering you in your teens but, as you grow and pass through this decade you realise that stressing out upon one issue will not take you anywhere at all.

8. It is okay – It is okay to forgive yourself and others; it is okay to make mistakes and goof up; it is okay to let go people; it is okay to pour in white lies; it is okay to be a bit selfish; it is okay to get your heart broken and it is okay not to win always. This time span makes you realise that it is okay in the end and you need not stress out your energy on it by making it look okay while it is not.

9. Taking up a hobby – So you love dancing, but you do not dance that often? This period teaches you not to take even a moment for granted. It teaches you the significance of taking up something or learning something that is beyond your 9-5pm job. This minor escape aids you to cop up with the majority of issues encountered in your life.

10. Admire yourself – You must have been complaining about your appearance every time you look into the mirror and envy the flawless skin other pursue but this period is certainly going to make you are of your uniqueness. It shall make you meet you and fall head over heel in love with you. In the end, if you fail to love yourself tell who else will?

11. Failures are important – It is vital to fall down in the race and get up again. It is significant to face the worst time only to strengthen your strengths and master over your weakness. Being a Founder of one firm "Write Right' ,author of two published books and contributing content writer to many blogs, I had come across many failures; I should recollect that whenever I get success in any form. It is important to fail to see who manages to stay when the times are rough. You finally recognise how much-undervalued failure was to you before. You are going to look at your failures like the lessons that made you wise over the time.

From being impatient and impulsive, you shall slightly move towards being sober and subtle. This change shall take place eventually but you are going to enjoy the journey. Travelling the distance of a decade would make you realise how can you hold two distinct perceptions about life and yet enjoy it. This goes to every twenty-something that is going through this massive transformation and every 30 something that has been there and done that!