Ashish Chanchlani: The Making of India's YouTube Sensation

Chanchlani now has over 16 million subscriber and is among India's most popular YouTubers

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By Priyadarshini Patwa

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Blenders Pride Reserve Collection presented Entrepreneur India's 35Under35 2020 list which included some leading names from the field of entrepreneurship and Ashish Chanchlani made it to the coveted list.

Four years ago when Ashish Chanchlani started his channel, little did he know that he would form a family of 15.7 million subscribers. His video concept has won the throne of YouTube royalty. However, success still feels like a dream to him. "Is this real? Have I achieved it, am I a fluke?," he wonders.

Being a YouTuber wasn't always the plan for Chanchlani. "I never thought it would become my career. I used to upload of things happening in real life. My followers gradually started increasing. I started it out of passion and have still kept it alive," he shares.

Chanchalani wanted to become an actor, but the universe had other plans for him. "As that never happened, I started making people laugh. This wasn't intentional but due to luck and hard work, I started attracting a lot of people. I think I gave time to the digital era when nobody else was trying so that worked for me," he said.

Chanchlani is a true believer of following his heart. Each content he acts, directs and writes comes from within. "I like to be myself in front of the audience, a bit crazy and stupid. Wherever I go, I have to make fun of someone or something. I don't hold myself back when I am trying to put up something," he explains.


He is a true believer of following what his heart says. Each video that he acts directs and writes comes from within. "Whatever I do, it doesn't come from my mind. I do what my heart says and sometimes it does backfire. I like to be myself in front of the audience, a little crazy and stupid. Wherever I go, I have to make fun of someone or something. I don't see the world like other people see it. I don't hold myself back when I am trying to put up something," he said.

However, the thing about making videos is that not everything is loved, even by loyal followers. And it matter how you handle such instances and comeback in action with better content.

Not everything is loved even by your loyal followers in video content. What matters is your comeback in action with better content. "I take my fans' suggestions and listen to them. I watch the video and understand what went wrong. I also show it to other people. I get back and then rebuild myself," he shares. "I bring back a lot of energy and all my heart into it. If I would work 100 per cent in this video, I will give in 1,000 per cent in the next one," he adds.

The best thing about Chanchlani is that he understands millennials well and makes everything relatable. Though he is already a popular digital face, his ultimate goal is to make movies. "I want to make people laugh in different ways and also entertain people in other way rather not just comedy. I want to make movies. I want to act in Bollywood one day, not as a star but as an actor and direct a movie," he reveals.

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