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Benefits of Mindfulness and Awareness Meditation Mindfulness can greatly improve your well-being, and allow you to lead a purposeful, and contented life. Here are a few of the advantages of practicing meditation for mindfulness, and awareness

By Akshar

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The mind holds the control switch to our emotions, speech, and behaviour. When we are able to get a handle on the quality of our thoughts, we gain the possibility of wilfully setting the course of our lives. Mindfulness and awareness are achieved through practice and bring your attention to the here and now. When you become a dedicated practitioner of mindful living, you are no longer imprisoned to the feeling of anxiety over the future or regret over the past. Mindfulness can greatly improve your well-being, and allow you to lead a purposeful, and contented life. Here are a few of the advantages of practicing meditation for mindfulness, and awareness.

Fit in the Body

When you eliminate stress from your life, it drastically improves your physical health by preventing heart disease, lowering blood pressure, reducing chronic pain, improving sleep, and alleviating gastrointestinal difficulties. Mindfulness improves physical health to make you feel fitter, younger, more energetic, and full of life.

Fit in the Mind

Mindfulness and awareness are a direct result of meditation and bring a number of benefits your way. Meditation improves your mental health by reducing instances of depression, it helps you overcome addictive behaviour, and substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Mindfulness and awareness meditation develop your power of observation, so you can learn to introspect with an evolved perspective, and witness the workings of the mind. A fitter mind also translates into greater clarity, focus, and smarter decision-making.

Stress reduction

Stress is one of the deadliest silent killers as it induces a whole host of diseases in the body and the mind. Meditation has now become widely popular as a tool to reduce stress. Stress causes sleep disorders, induces depression and anxiety, increases blood pressure, and contributes to mental and physical exhaustion.

Mindfulness is believed to be a key element in fighting stress. Meditation techniques give you the benefit of relaxation. Sit with closed your eyes for a few minutes every day. You can either focus on your breath, a mantra, or visualize any object.

Mindfulness reduces stress through regulation and balancing our emotions. This leads to a better mood and better ability to handle stress. Mindfulness builds the strength of the mind and makes us more able to face difficult situations. It increases our self-confidence and thus helps us beat an escapist attitude.

Overcoming negative emotions

We have all experienced emotions such as anger, dejection, frustration, jealousy, and laziness, etc. These are unpleasant emotions that evoke negative reactions from us. Meditation for mindfulness helps us to disconnect from identifying or attaching to negative emotions. Thus, practitioners of mindful meditation are better able to regulate their emotions, maintain an optimistic outlook, and cope with any stressful situations in a more balanced manner.

Overall well-being

Mindfulness brings about positive changes in your physical, mental, and spiritual health improving the very quality of your life. Mindfulness is more about how we take care of ourselves, highlighting the importance of self-care. When we start yoga, and awareness meditation it leads to our holistic well-being. When we start seeing positive results, we become inspired and motivated to add similar habit patterns to our lifestyle. Self-care consists of activities where you are getting regular health check-ups, being physically active, and avoiding harmful habits. Mindfulness can also help in factors such as weight loss, and play a role in influencing us to adopt healthier eating habits and attitudes. All these go a long way in decreasing any signs of depression and anxiety.

All mindfulness techniques are a form of meditation. When we are anchored to the present moment, we become more capable of being able to engage ourselves completely in whatever we are doing at that moment. Mindfulness and awareness meditation practices also make it possible for us to be patient and stay calm. This has a powerful impact on the general state of our mind. With this, we are more liable to achieve efficiency, productivity, and remain goal-oriented. There are numerous methods to prepare ourselves with mindfulness, but the key objective of any mindfulness practice is to attain a state of strong, pure, and concentrated relaxation by deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without attaching any judgment to it.


Founder, Chairman, Course Director, Akshar Yoga

Akshar, popularly known as Grandmaster Akshar is one of the youngest yoga entrepreneurs in the country. Hailing from the oldest school of Himalayan yoga, he is an internationally acclaimed Yogic Master and visionary. Akshar has carved a unique niche in the global wellness map by innovating with Yoga, weaving together his ancestral wisdom from the oldest form of Himalayan yoga with the most advanced forms of fitness regimes. He is the Founder, Chairman, and Course Director of the Yoga Foundation, Akshar Yoga.
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