Bollywood's Designer Arpita Mehta On Contemporising Indian Craft

The 38-year-old Arpita Mehta is a fashion designer known best for her signature embroidery to ethnic pieces. Her collections have been trendsetters and have often dictated the 'it' look for festive seasons. Read more to learn about this desi-couturier.

By Kavya Pillai

Designer Arpita Mehta

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The designer who in her words "contem - porised" Indian craft has every B-town celebrity bewitched by her designs. The 38-year-old Arpita Mehta is a fashion designer known best for her signature embroidery to ethnic pieces. Her collections have been trendsetters and have often dictated the 'it' look for festive seasons.

Not just her designs but her straight out of a fairytale wedding also had people swooning. From the enchanting decor to the aesthetic colour scheme, designers Arpita Mehta and Kunal Rawal's wedding nuptials became the Holy Writ for many planning their special day. We recently had the opportunity of interacting with Mehta, and our first question to her was if becoming a designer was always the plan. "I feel I knew pretty early on that I wanted to be a fashion designer, at 14-15 years old. (maybe not in a serious way but that's what I wanted to be)," said Mehta. She explained how at that time though she did not know how to "go about it.'

The idea to embark on this journey which unlike many other professions does not have a fixed method is a huge risk. We asked Mehta who supported her dreams and choices during the initial stages. The designer shared how her biggest support system was her family, especially her sister. She explained how at the time when her peers were opting for "science, commerce, or arts, I decided to take the off-beat path" Her parents were supportive of her decision despite her not having a proper plan. Her sister too was inclined creatively and and encouraged her to pursue her passion the most. So when was a moment she felt she was breaking down barriers, "I feel the fact that I contemporise mir - ror work and presented our Indian craft in a modern manner, making the collections more wearable for all occasions, this itself felt like breaking stereotypes."

Talking about her journey, we were curious about her highs and lows. Mehta says some of the key high points in her career were, "being able to grow the brand organically, also being able to showcase our work, at fashion weeks, our flagship store, multiple multi-designer stores as well as launching our 10-year anniversary coffee table book." As for the lows, she simply said, " I'd like to believe we've not had any lows, it's been a pretty good ride so far! Touchwood. Difficulties yes, for sure but no lows.

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