Boss Lady Looks That Never Go Out Of Style Dressing well and looking presentable is so important, but so is being comfortable because that's what ultimately makes you feel confident

By Malini Agarwal

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"A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes". This quote by Vera Wanghas been so relatable, in my opinion.

I love my job and I'm so glad I get to do something I enjoy every day. And while playing dress up might be every girl's dream, it suredoes get hard at times because aside from having to be on my toes and attend several events, I have to also figure out the answer to the eternal question of "what to wear?" Dressing well and looking presentable is so important, but so is being comfortable because that's what ultimately makes you feel confident. And in my case, it takes a dream team, whom I refer to as my personal squad, to put together a great look for every single event and appearance. Thanks to my stylist,RishikaDevnani and her team as well as my makeup artist, Swati Das, I am able to look my best everyday!

Now considering I'm privy to all of the behind-the-scenes discussionsthat have allowed me to pick up a few things over the years,I have decided to put together a few style tips that have helped me bring my A-game, style-wise, every time.

Boss Lady Style Tip #1

Opt for classic formal outfits and make them stylish by accessorisingwith a belt or jewellery. A plain outfit can also be jazzed up with an interesting pair of shoes. If you choose to wear heels, make sure they're comfortable, especially if you have a job that involves a lot of running around.

Boss Lady Style Tip #2

You can mix casual elements like T-shirts and sneakers with formal wear, or pair a tee with a knee-length skirt/high-waisted shorts. You can also choose to pairdress sneakers with a suit and make it more comfortable and stylish.

Boss Lady Style Tip #3

Don't be afraid to play around with colour. It brightens up a simple formal outfit and makes it look more stylish and makes you more approachable.

Boss Lady Style Tip #4

If you love Indo-western wear, pair a kurta with denims. Even a casual Indian kurta pantsuit is eternally comfortable and gives off super boss lady vibes.

Other must-try styles include coloured or checkered blazer with skirts, shorts, culottes or pants; blazer dresses; denims with a nice white or coloured shirt; straight wide leg pants with a casual top; shirts under dresses or jumpsuits.

Pro tip: While it's good to experiment with styles, I personally believe in comfort first. Always choose comfortable, fuss-free clothing and make sure the fabrics of your garment are breathable.

Tips for Hair and Makeup

I usually like fuss-free hairstyles like a ponytail, braid, top knot, straight or wavy hair.

When it comes to makeup,I like to keep it natural and neutral. It is the best and on-the-go but if you want to jazz it up you can play around with a wingedeyeliner or a fun lipstick should do the trick.

I hope you all were able to take a few pointers from this but at the end of the day, dress what suits your style and body type the best. Also, I would to love to hear about any style related questions you might have.

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Malini Agarwal

Founder and Creative Director of MissMalini Entertainment

Malini Agarwal, aka MissMalini, is the founder and creative director of MissMalini Entertainment, a news media network that creates highly engaging, multi-platform content geared towards India's Internet generation.

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