Here's Why Harsh Experiences in Life Should Not Make You Bitter Some unpleasant experiences will always come at your doorstep in the journey of your life, nevertheless, they should never make you a bitter person or make you lose faith in humanity

By Bhavya Kaushal

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There are some rainy days and some sunny ones as well. However, wisdom lies in accepting all days alike with the awareness that they are there only to make you stronger. In our journey of life, there are several points when we feel that life has been harsh on us, we don’t feel the urge to go on any further with life. Here are a few reasons that will make you understand and analyze that bitter experiences in life should not be taken so personally, they can, in fact, become a springboard for progress.

They are Temporary

If sunny days are temporary then so are the rainy ones. While it’s true that when we are consumed in all the sadness, we feel as if the bad days are going to last forever. That is not the case. Truth be told, life in itself is attributed by temporariness in terms of nature and form. So whether it is losing your job, your partner leaving you, many employees walking out of your organization, the idea is to pause and tell yourself, “This shall too pass.” Stormy days will pass as swiftly as dew drops on leaves.


All Days Alike Make Life Mundane

If all days are going to be good with everything going for you, then your life will lose the value it holds. You will start taking things for granted, you will become lazy, your relationships with people are going to be casual and there would be a sort of redundancy that is going to beset your life. The highs and lows of life are what makes them exhilarating.


You Grow

Bitter experiences help you grow. Both in terms of a human and as a professional. So facing challenges is a good thing. Many years down the line you might weep over your past but through the tears, you will smile at how far you have comes, how long a road you have covered. So, forget all mathematics formula and remember just one thing: Bad days are equivalent to growth. Japan is a world superpower. However, it has matured so much that there is no scope of growth. It has already achieved an enviable level of prosperity and progress.


Spearhead Humanity

Remember, your bitter experiences in life are treasured life lessons for your future and also for those behind you. As a leader and as a person it is important to become this enormous bags of invincible and indomitable experiences. This is how you can, not just inspire yourself but even those who several years down the line are faced with similar dilemmas, crossroads and predicaments.

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Bhavya Kaushal

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I am a work-in-progress writer and human being. An English graduate from Delhi University, writing is my passion and currently, I was Entrepreneur India's start-up reporter. I love covering start-ups and weaving their stories into unforgettable tales with the power of ink! 

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