5 Essential Tips for Your Next Business Trip

Travelling for business or pleasure can be quite enjoyable if you know how to handle the stress that comes with it

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In today's digital world, we can communicate across different time zones at a moment's notice. However, when it comes to brokering a big deal or fostering a solid and long-lasting business relationship, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. Globally, business travel spending is forecast to rise to $1.6 trillion by 2020 in line with this trend. Corporate travel is still so important, and it's equally important for anyone making a business trip to prepare thoroughly. Travelling for business or pleasure can be quite enjoyable if you know how to handle the stress that comes with it. Enclosed are the few tips for a comfortable business trip:


1. Choose Your Hotel Wisely!

Preparing business travel is, of course, only half the job. Choosing the best accommodation for your requirements is also essential. If you've only got one meeting place to reach, make sure you book a hotel that's nearby – rather than be swayed by a more luxurious option that might be a stressful 45-minute trip away. Use maps on your smartphone to measure distances from the station or airport to your hotel – and remember the roads and transport networks will be busier at certain times of the day.

2. Convert Your Flights to a Networking Opportunity

Road warriors are often spending more time in the air than on the ground at their destination, so making good use of travel time can be critical to their career success. A business traveller invariably ends up creating a network wherever they travel and it is because they are never tired of striking a conversation with a stranger. Choosing middle seats instead of windows and aisle seats can help you more to interact with fellow passengers.

3. Digitize Your Documents

Digi locker, this digital locker for your documents is super idea is accepted as most places as proof of Identity. However, not applicable for international travel. Although digitizing documents makes the travel tension free and can help in increasing your productivity during travel.

4.Travel Insurance Should Not be Taken for Granted

There are lot of important or confidential documents and items which a person carries during the Corporate Travel. Having Travel Insurance reduces the chances of getting the items lost or at least give you aninsurance that the loss will not hamper the company much.

5. Lounge Access on Airport

Having an lounge access on Airport helps you to get last minute relaxation time before the exhausting business trip. Relaxing a couple of minutes in a lounge, charge whatever gadget you didn't charge at home, download that movie that Netflix was still downloading, and having some food in the meantime can help you to refresh your mind for the important meeting. Also, there are chances that you can strike a good business deal while sitting in lounge and talking to other business traveler sitting there.