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#4 Life Hacks For Women Entrepreneurs from the Experts Young girls are coming up with unique business ideas and it is inspiring to see the great passion and professionalism they exhibit

By Baishali Mukherjee

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New-age women are superheroes, who manage home and work with panache. Juggling between household chores and office responsibilities, they also nurture their children while ensuring nothing is left unattended. More and more women are giving wings to their entrepreneurial aspirations, happily embracing a tightrope-walk.

Four shepreneurs have shared with Entrepreneur India the secret of how they nail it.

Sunaina Agarwal, Founder of Desi Lantern

"I plan my day in advance, scheduling the meetings as early as possible so that I can wind up latest by 8 at night. However, my work demands my presence at the venues at odd hours and often my work continues till the wee hours of morning. To deal with this, I have carefully crafted a robust support system at home. Technology also comes to great aid as I can communicate anytime as and when needed," Agarwal said.

We are now seeing more and more women joining the corporate/business world. Young girls are coming up with unique business ideas and it is inspiring to see the great passion and professionalism they exhibit.These changes have been made possible because society, as a whole, has become more accepting. "I must mention that we as women owe a great deal to our families, husbands, kids, parents and in-laws, who support us in our endeavours," she added.

Ritusmita Biswas, Founder, Wordsmith.com

Born and brought up in a family of working parents, Biswas was always inspired by her mother. "Since childhood, I have grown up witnessing how women are champions in managing their professional profiles and family, without creating any hassle for all those who are associated with them.

"There is always an extra anxiety if you have kids at home; you are then mothering two babies – a biological and a brain. The society we live in still wants a mother to spend more time with children. I personally feel that family, motherhood and career building are correlated affairs, which need to be managed with a lot of tolerance and learning. Being well organized and having the zeal to fulfil the roles successfully are my way of striking the proverbial balance," she added.

Madhuchhanda Banerjee, Director, The Globetrotter's Footprints

Woman entrepreneurship in India is all set to create history. Challenges faced by women are getting lesser with each passing day as things are changing for the good, said Banerjee.

Family members are getting aware of the importance of women empowerment. An ecosystem is slowly being created for women professionals and entrepreneurs. A strong support system at home and work can create wonders, she added.

"I wake up early to prioritize, organize and delegate work both at home and office. With a teenage daughter at home, life for me is a roller coaster ride. I have made sure from a very early stage that my daughter is independent to the desired level and I see to it that she is never short-changed for time," she said.

"I cope with family events and work-related meetings through prior meticulous planning. My husband and I often switch responsibilities and reverse roles to take care of the household and our child. It's very important to have each other's support. My strength also comes from my super efficient team that is always a call away to represent me or take extra responsibilities," she added.

Suchismita Chatterjee, Founder, The Chocolate Box

A start-up is brain child and as important as a biological one and your life revolves around it. "Joy, pain, worry, excitement, and love – emotions that are intrinsic to a mother are felt as strongly with a startup," said Chatterjee.

It's only common for a woman entrepreneur to feel culpable if she is unable to dedicate some time to her kids. "Such moments reminds me of my mother who, as a professional, made many personal sacrifices. I remind myself of the larger objectives with which I embarked on the entrepreneurial journey. I also want my kids to be complete human beings with compassionate minds, who will appreciate and respect their mother's love and passion as a professional," she added.

Baishali Mukherjee

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