Meet the Long Game Player

Managing Director of Krishnapatnam Port, the largest port on the east coast of India, Sasidhar Chinta takes pride in setting some global standards. He built the first-of-its-kind links golf course in the country and nurtured the Golden Eagles Golf Tournament in India and abroad

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How did you get introduced to golf?

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The golf course provided me with the opportunity to spend time with the people who matter to me, which is otherwise denied to me due to hectic business hours.

Which is your favourite club?

The Monte Carlo Golf Club overseas for its rolling green terrains while back home in India, the DLF Golf and Country Club is my favourite.

What does the game of golf teach you about leadership?

The ability to maintain patience and focus.

How often do you play?

Five days a week – 9 holes for four hours.

Who is your favourite golfer?

Tiger Woods. I admire his charm more than his play.

Favourite cuisine?

Chinese cuisine is one which I can relish anytime of the day.

Favourite gadgets?

Anything that is smart enough to save time and enhance my efficiency.

Favourite travel destination?

Courchevel, the largest ski area in the world located in the French Alps, is my favourite for its uninterrupted skiing landscape, glitz and smart chalets.

Fitness regime?

I am not a fitness freak, although I am a passionate golfer and thoroughly love skiing.

Your favourite music?

All kinds of music that is soft and soothing – especially artists with low voices like Adele.

What thrills you the most?

When I see appreciation in my father's eyes.

One activity that calms you down?

Surrendering myself to God with prayer.

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