One-Of-A-Kind Scientific Hair Fertilizer James Bartholomeusz and Dr. Amy Forman Taub joined forces to develop a pioneering solution, KeraFactor™, promoting hair and scalp health

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A person's most precious asset is hair. Voluminous hair is regarded as a sign of youth and beauty. We make a lot of efforts to maintain it. Although losing a few hair strands per day is normal, it becomes concerning when you notice hair thinning and sudden loss. Many solutions are being offered in these modern times to address this complex situation. However, for many patients, there are slim chances that these procedures would reliably address all the issues. This seems to be the case with James Bartholomeusz. In 2013, James suffered hair loss due to scalp health issues. He consulted with several top dermatologists, yet, he couldn't find a solution that would solve his problems. It was then that James, who had an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age, decided to take up the matter in order to find a more comprehensive solution.

KeraFactor™: A Formula That Rejuvenates Hair & Scalp Health

Years of experience in developing laser hair removal systems paved the path for James. He had knowledge about how the hair grew that helped him make informed choices with the pro hair & scalp health approach so that it could fertilize the soil to help with the natural growth of your hair. He began researching unique biomimetic growth factors as hair rejuvenation catalysts to develop a scalp stimulating solution, which led to the creation of today's innovative solution for hair rejuvenation and scalp health. James and Dr. Amy Forman Taub, a board-certified dermatologist and leading researcher, teamed up and founded SkinQRI in 2015 to bring to market the solution under the brand, KeraFactor™. In 2017, the brand was finally launched after extensive clinical and in-house user groups research, to ensure the product was ready to sell.

The brand, KeraFactor™, offers the topical solution, shampoo and conditioner that can be used on their own, or in combination with the unique KeraLase™ delivery system James changed to help develop for physicians. The KeraLase™ treatment promotes the absorptions of the growth factors while also improving scalp health. KeraLase™ forms the microchannels that transport the KeraFactor™ serum, which contains a proprietary blend of growth factors and skin proteins, to the optimal location. KeraFactor™ can be used both as preventative and restorative treatment.

SkinQRI's clientele consists of both physicians and consumers. Broadly, the business has flourished more on physician-based treatments, but the D2C segment has increased during the pandemic.

By owning and controlling the entire process from inception to encapsulation, KeraFactor™ has distinguished itself from its competitors. The original solution was synthesized using biomimetic growth factors and proteins. Biomimetics mimics individual growth factors that, when combined in high concentration, have been found to support the overall health of your hair.

SkinQRI has announced a second-generation formula, KeraFactor™ MD In-Office Treatment Serum with Nanofluorosomes encapsulation technology. It contains a couple more growth factors than the original KeraFactor™ serum. But more interesting is the inclusion of an optically fluorescent anti-inflammatory compound. This is the foundation of the Nanofluorosomes, which work to combat and eradicate DHT. When combined with red-light therapy, the hair restoration process is accelerated.

Many studies on the new KeraFactor™ MD formula are being conducted at Dr. Craig Ziering's Beverly Hills location. "I have been testing the 2nd generation formula at our clinical research centre over the past 6 months, and the early results are looking very promising," said Dr. Ziering. KeraFactor™ MD can slow down, prevent or counter follicular diminishment while ensuring better hair health and the quality of existing hair. It also improves blood circulation and increases blood supply to the follicles.

Science Behind KeraFactor™

James draws the comparison of a healthy scalp with a well-maintained lawn. Many of the current products on the market address the cause of hair loss, but they don't support the natural hair process. James compares it to weeding the lawn without fertilizing it. He says that a healthy scalp is like a healthy lawn that requires fertilizers and watering to be green and healthy; in the case of hair, KeraFactor is the unique fertilizer. It was developed with a meticulous, all-encompassing approach, in which every ingredient is justified.

The formula has no Minoxidil, Finasteride, Spironolactone, or other hormones. The fact that KeraFactor™ has very low side effects is the most impressive of all, it repairs existing damage, and promotes scalp health, with the end goal being healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

Dr. Amy Forman Taub anticipates KeraFactor™ becoming well-known across the United States and presumably, internationally. Currently, it is available in the U.S. and Australia, and is planned to be launched in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region in mid-year.

James can be seen sharing his knowledge of the KeraLase treatment and why LaseMD Ultra works in synergy with the KeraFactor™ serum on webinars and podcasts. He participates in educational workshops, where he shares his own experience and knowledge with the public. James has no intention of slowing down and will face all challenges in order to bring better and improved hair rejuvenation and scalp health products to customers.

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