Planning A Wedding? 10 Tips By Expert Planner To Seal This Lifetime Deal Efficiently Planning your big day? Before you make a comprehensive list, here are 10 things recommended by the expert wedding planner that will make it a memorable one

By Priyadarshini Patwa

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Planning a wedding ceremony is no less than a rollercoaster ride. If you thought getting a million dollar deal was a huge deal, so is the wedding. All the work professionals out there- this is the real hard work that takes you blood and sweat. From budgeting, freezing venues, fitting sessions, shopping, making lists (tons of), lead generations, 1000 calls, catering, multiple functions, running around, card printing, gifts, guests and we can go on and on. And at the end living every moment to the fullest.

Weddings are joyous, momentous events that bring friends and family together and deserve to be celebrated in a manner which will induce lovely memory every time you think about it. It is a database of memories that also carry the legacy of the family from one generation to the next. It's a lifetime deal that needs to be sealed most efficiently. This is why, when you plan your wedding, it is essential to keep a broad mind and pay meticulous attention to details to avoid last-minute terrible surprises which can ruin the entire experience.

Though nothing in life is perfect, it is always better to avoid as many mishaps, inconveniences, and near-misses as possible to have your dream wedding. While you might think you know all and expert advice can be your 101 guide. As it is the wedding season and we all need some hand-holding, Entrepreneur India got in an exclusive conversation with Kunal Rai, Vice President Weddings & Events, Tamarind Global, one of the leading wedding and event management firm.

Like a business deal, even your function requires serious planning and execution process. To make it easier, Rai categorically points out 10 things that you should keep in mind when you start planning a wedding:

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It's Never Too Soon

It might seem like that the wedding date is far away, but remember- time flies! So the moment your wedding day is confirmed, start to close down all the loops as soon as possible.

"There are times you might think that it is something insignificant during the planning stage, but you never know if it might become a big issue on the day of the wedding," Rai suggests.

Moral: It is better to err on the side of caution and keep ticking off the things from your list as soon as they come under your purview

Don't budge the Budget

No matter how much you want to have that chocolate fondue or any other extravagant bit at the wedding, don't go beyond the budget limit.

"There are many things which can be decadently tempting while planning for the wedding. Though you will inevitably end up buying things just for their aesthetic pleasure, it is also prudent to limit this kind of impulsive shopping to a minimum," strictly points out Rai.

Moral: Respect the budget you have set for yourself and keep the consequences of going overboard on top of your mind when planning for the wedding.

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Hire A Wedding Planner

The thing is, though planning a wedding is probably a once in a lifetime event for you, the professionals do it every day. They know how to plan for every exigency so that your dream wedding doesn't turn into a nightmare.

"The planners remain calm while doing it! So it's best to give reins to a wedding planner and direct them towards your vision. This way, you can lay back and enjoy every moment of the wedding and its associated functions with your friends and family. The professionals will attend to all matters, on-going and urgent so that you can create pleasant life-long memories without hindrance," explains Rai.

Moral: Not every wedding planner is expensive, you give them a budget and they work around it.

Guard Your Guest List

How many people you'll invite will also affect the size of the wedding. It's essential to prepare the list of names according to their priority and if required, compartmentalise them so that you can shortlist who you want to invite to which function.

"This is yet another aspect of the wedding wherein it is easy to go overboard. However, the number of guests on your list is directly proportional to your budget. Consider that in mind when preparing the final guest list," he points out.

Moral: Choose who are important and let some skip your wedding. Not every uncle, aunty needs to make it to your list.

Choose A Wedding Venue

Destination weddings are at an all-time high but it is important to consider the weather when choosing a wedding venue. Scorching heat, monsoon storms or even winter snow, shouldn't dampen the festivities.

"Align your venue and wedding date with the best season to organise the wedding. This will help you, and your wedding planners, to prepare the wedding flow much in advance," said Rai.

Moral: This will pave the way for smooth sailing of other arrangements which are centred on the venue of choice.

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Local Laws & Licenses

One ends up hiring many vendors for all sorts of set-ups. But all your vendors must be licensed, especially if you intend to have alcohol.

"If you plan to have a destination wedding, familiarise yourself with the local. Don't blindly trust the local vendors to direct your wedding bar," he explains.

Moral: Do your homework and get the requisite paperwork in-hand before jumping into the festivities.

Look Like Yourself

Picking a wedding look can be a stressful task and it is easy to be overwhelmed by what others are doing. Don't fall prey to that anxiousness.

"Do rounds with a designer to pick the outfit that will do justice to your style so that you don't end up hiding your personality behind the latest celebrity fad," he said.

Moral: Don't begin your married life by trying to get in the shoes of someone you are not.

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Suggestions Are Welcomed

As soon as you inform people that you are getting married, you will be bombarded with a lot of ideas and references from family and friends, for anything and everything.

"Be open to creative ideas but stay true to the idea of how you want the wedding to pan out. Learning from other people's mistakes is always a smart move," said he.

Moral: If you come across genuinely good advice, then try to inculcate the suggestion in your wedding planning.

Homebound Or Outbound

A wedding is the time to make lifelong memories. Destination weddings allow one to rejoice with their loved ones in a relaxed setting, without dwelling over minute details.

"Even if you have a homebound wedding, create the aura of celebration and block all levels of stress so that you can enjoy unadulterated. What matters in both the cases is that you, enjoy the celebrations and be happy with the thought of your impending nuptials," he explains.

Moral: All the festivities would be for naught if you don't enjoy your wedding preparations. In the best-case scenario, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you.

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Meet Your Vendors Regularly

Most importantly, don't just brief the vendors and then contact them at the last minute for the final product.

"Meet your caterer, décor designer, photographer at regular intervals so that they remain aware of your likings and requirements. This will also help you to stay updated on the regular proceedings and be assured that the processes are working out as planned," he recommends.

Moral: In case, you find any discrepancy, then your proactive step will help to weed out trouble before it can grow.

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