An Abode that Oozes Love, Warmth & Elegance above all

Daughter of the late singer and founder of T-Series music label, Gulshan Kumar, Tulsi Kumar's home defines luxury

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The moment her voice echoes from the speaker, you know it's bound to create magic. Perhaps, there is no one who understands music better than Tulsi Kumar's family in India.

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Daughter of the late singer and founder of T-Series music label, Gulshan Kumar, Tulsi needs no prologue. Be it "Soch Na Sake', "Sanam Re' or "Love Mera Hit Hit', her versatile voice can be your lonely companion. A famed playback singer, Owner & Director, T-Series Stageworks Academy and Gulshan Kumar Film and Televisison Institute of India, Kumar is also a mastered homemaker, which is quite evident from her three-story bungalow at Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi.

Source: Himanshu Ramani

For Kumar home is the most comfortable space and no matter even if you stay at the best hotels around the globe, you always want to come back to this one place. "A home is a place where you can be you and have your family around. Home is where the heart is and where you can absolutely be yourself," says Kumar with a wide smile.


Converting a concrete structure into a home needs three simple ingredients- love, warmth, and togetherness. And Kumar's house is made up of bricks that give you the unadulterated vibe of compassion, peace, and happiness. "A house is a structure that is created whereas you build a home in it with your family members and with all the love, warmth and togetherness.

Source: Himanshu Ramani

I think that a house can be made into a home when you give it all the love, by giving love to each of your family members and receiving love from everyone. There are certain attachments that you bring to your home. It could be various things like your decor items to your interiors, soft interiors to everything that you have chosen to make that four- walled house into a home. These things help you closely connect and give a more personal touch and convert a house into a home," she expresses.


Kumar had a vision and interior designer, Archana Agarwal brought a 3D framework into life. The flooring in the grand living room has a distinctive floral blend. Hanging from the roof are these massive bronze globe chandeliers, which add the perfect style statement.

Source: Himanshu Ramani

Taking you through a unique ride is the red and black dining area in the shape of a train compartment that leaves you in awe. An internal lift connects all. Kumar's house has every amenity that a person's ideal house can consist of. A personal terrace, jacuzzi, a riyaaz room (where she creates those musical songs), a personalised small studio, you name and it exists. However, leaving everything apart is the temple room that adds the perfect spiritual vibe amidst the luxury.


A lot of thinking, creativity, planning and sheer hard work of two years went into the making of this five-bedroom villa. Kumar entered this home with her son Shivaay in her arms, which makes this year-old place a little more special.

"I've got this house constructed with a lot of love and the thought of having an extended family. So I didn't know when I was shifting. It was a future house that was created and as I shifted, I moved in with the baby in the house," she says.

Source: Himanshu Ramani


Keeping it contemporary and simple, Kumar's house personifies elegance and style. Shades of mint, faded purple- mauve, and subdued pastel colours form the premises of the walls. Decked up with straight-lined furniture, the focus on artifacts is minimal. But certainly, the lighting is the major pinnacle among everything else. "The lights are very unique so everyone who walks into the drawing room, living room or the dining room has a lot to speak about the lights because we don't have too many decorative pieces or artifacts in the house. But it's the lights that add the glamour to the house and beautify the house," describes Kumar giving a complete gist of her den.

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