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Saurabh Abrol: A Visionary's Climb To Excellence In Hospitality Since 2012, Le Malt Hospitality Group has become an eminent stature within hospitality. The Group's prominence in the New Jersey and New York territories is evidenced by an illustrious ensemble of establishments.

By Jitender Bhagat

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Saurabh Abrol

Since 2012, Le Malt Hospitality Group has become an eminent stature within hospitality. The Group's prominence in the New Jersey and New York territories is evidenced by an illustrious ensemble of establishments. Among them - Le Malt Lounge, Le Malt Royale, Meximodo, and Wine Chateau. Most recently, the portfolio has been augmented by the inauguration of Le Malt Imperiale, an elite, members-only sanctuary nestled in the heart of Staten Island, NY.

From humble beginnings to the pinnacle of the hospitality industry, Saurabh Abrol, CEO and Founder of Le Malt Hospitality Group, demonstrates the power of perseverance and vision. A first-generation immigrant, this pioneering entrepreneur has tirelessly forged his path over two decades, transcending the myriad challenges to cultivate a multi-million dollar enterprise revered for its excellence and innovation.

Rooted in a passion passed down from his father, a foray into the wholesale business burgeoned into the establishment of Le Malt Hospitality Group in 2012. Under Abrol's astute leadership, the Group has curated a distinguished ensemble of premium brands, including Le Malt Lounge, Le Malt Royale, and Meximodo, alongside the acclaimed Wine Chateau—an emporium of over 17,000 domestic and imported premium wines. Today, Abrol's efforts have led the Group to reach over $75M, and a future paved as a billion-dollar expansion.

Perseverance in the Hospitality Frontier

Saurabh Abrol's ascent in the hospitality domain is a narrative of perseverance and strategic innovation amidst a landscape of formidable challenges. In confronting the industry's dense competition, staffing intricacies, and the mercurial nature of food costs and consumer preferences, Abrol has crafted a trajectory marked by discernment and success. His approach transcended the conventional, transforming potential setbacks into avenues for opportunity and growth.

To navigate the tumultuous currents of the hospitality business, Abrol has fine-tuned a suite of strategies. "Attracting patrons requires distinguishing your establishment with a robust value proposition and unparalleled customer service," Abrol asserts. It's this mindset around distinctiveness that propelled initiatives to refine recruitment, fostering a workforce reflective of the brand's values and promise of excellence. Notably, this has all been punctuated with accolades such as the Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award, Market Watch Leaders Award, and the distinguished Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award.

Genesis of a Remarkable Empire: The Birth Of Le Malt Imperiale

Under the strategic leadership of Saurabh Abrol, the Le Malt Hospitality Group (LMHG) has charted an impressive growth trajectory. With a lucid vision for the future, Abrol aspires to propel LMHG into the global limelight, nurturing it into a billion-dollar enterprise that commands both respect and admiration. This expansion's latest growth stems from the celebrated opening of Le Malt Impériale, an exquisite private members-only club in Staten Island, NY.

Overall, the launch of Le Malt Imperiale marks yet another milestone for Saurabh Abrol and the Le Malt Hospitality Group. More intrinsically, it mirrors Abrol's vision of creating more than just a thriving enterprise but a brand destined for legacy. This is because Le Malt Imperiale is not merely an addition to the business portfolio; it is the embodiment of a dream to leave an enduring mark on the world of luxury, exclusivity, and family heritage.

"Success takes time, but hard work can start now."

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