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Shark Tank India Participants, CEOs And Bollywood Actors Reveal Their Fitness Secrets Running a business means all other aspects of your life tend to take a backseat, and with the hectic work schedule, fitness is one area which definitely suffers. Similarly, actors have long shoots, so they need to fit in their diet and work out plans accordingly.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

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Running a business means all other aspects of your life tend to take a backseat, and with the hectic work schedule, fitness is one area which definitely suffers. Similarily, actors have long shoots, so they need to fit in their diet and work out plans accordingly. But if you find that one activity, whether it be a sport or some sort of physical movement which you enjoy and look forward to, then staying healthy doesn't look like such a tall task. Add a simple diet to that and one realizes that you can be fit even without lifting heavy weights and spending hours working out.

Siddharth Somaiya, CEO and Founder, Organic Riot

As a child, Somaiya trained in Taekwondo for eight years and had the formidable title of black belt, continuously winning best fighter in competitions and acing the martial arts exams. However, his diet was the exact opposite of healthy, comprising McDonalds, Dominoes and fizzy drinks. In spite of being on a junk food fuelled diet, his thin frame could never make you guess his poor eating habits. However, if you talk to him now, it's like he's a different person altogether. Somaiya has quit junk food, sugar and doesn't smoke or drink too. Before passing away due to cancer 1.5 years ago his father once had said to him, "What are you doing to yourself? You are going to end up like me."
That served as a turning point for him, which he considers as a parting gift from his father.

As far as physical activities are concerned, Somaiya has been fond of football all his life, and still plays twice a week. The health conscious CEO also goes to the gym four times a week after office, followed by a sauna and cold shower.

"I've played football since I was in school, and it's become part of my DNA. During the pandemic I couldn't go to the gym, and am making up for all that lost time now, although I did get back to one-on-one Taekwondo training with my instructor during the corona phase. I also follow the longevity diet, which consists of intermittent fasting. I fast for 16 hours daily and eat during the remaining eight hours. For those 16 hours all I have is water. The whole point of it is to kill weak cells, which are apparently what cause diseases. As a kid I barely used to eat so this was just two hours extra of not eating!" he jokingly adds.

The one adventure sport he really enjoyed was skiing and continuing on that line next month shall be trying out some racing cars. "I want to try as many adventure sports as possible because who knows when all of this might stop again. I'm trying to be as outdoorsy as possible."

Now that's a philosophy we agree with.

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Manas Madhu, Founder, Beyond Snack

Manas Madhu was always thin and scrawny as a kid, so when someone told him during his engineering days that gymming could help him to bulk up, he passionately took it up. Madhu enjoyed the intense workouts, but once work took over, the long nights and travels replaced his exercise routine. But he still wanted to keep fit somehow, and switched to jogging.

"I try to jog every day in the morning as I love the feeling of a shower after a sweaty early morning jog. Along with running, I also I do a minimal round of athletic activities like stretching and some push-ups. If I am getting proper sleep the night before then I get up by 5 30 am and by 7 am I leave for a 40 minute run. If I have something on my mind like a work meeting I cut it down to 30 minutes," explains Madhu, who was also featured on an episode of the now infamous Shark Tank India.

During his workout phase he was following a high protein diet but now has reduced his protein intake. Never much into sports even in school, Madhu does hope he can get back to pumping iron when he's a bit more mentally free and can give time to it. "I really miss it!" he says.

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Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Actor

Whether she is delivering award worthy roles in Mirzapur as the fiery Golu Gupta or smashing patriarchy with those stone cold looks in an episode from Made In Heaven, Shweta Tripathi Sharma is an asset to any web series or movie she is part of. But apart from her acting chops, Shweta has been following a lifestyle regimen which is practical and yields results at the same time.

"I workout with my personal trainer Tridev Pandey who is the one person that has made working out fun for me. It's because of him that whenever I get time between readings or shoots I take out time to exercise. When I am able to complete the entire workout that he gives me it makes me feel stronger. Whether it is your clothes fitting well or caring more about your diet, you start to be more aware of how you feel, not just about looking good once you have a regular workout regimen," says Shweta.

Helping her keep fit is her husband Chaitanya Sharma, who diligently exercises six days a week. She sticks to home food and even when staying at a hotel speaks to the chef about her diet according to the instructions of her nutritionist, Raksha Lulla. "I was a non-vegetarian all my life but now am trying to be as vegetarian and vegan as possible. Raksha has made sattu an integral part of my diet. She has made sure I eat local, so wherever I am travelling I see what are the local vegetables and what is in season," she says.

Shweta believes that one has to take out time to exercise because excuses are always around us. She has also started meditating in the morning and if not then makes sure she does it sometime during the day for 10 minutes. She's also a fan of adventure sports such as sky diving and scuba diving.

Kabir Singh Bhandari

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