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The Changing Trends in Work Place Clothing Over time, companies and corporates have realised how dramatic the freedom of dressing affects the creativity and productivity of employees.

By Archana Walavalkar

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Since we don't dress in power suits for a weekend outrun or hop on a pair of shorts for a day at work- this is just another affirmation that fashion changes with time, place and situation alike. Every occasion and place possesses rules of style, just like the workplace has its own- suit and tie for a corporate firm or three-inch heels for a fashion house (let's just say, it's yet subjective). But, ladies and gents, patterns change and for the good! Lucky for you, workplace dress ethics are now easing up, allowing further freedom for employees to experiment.

And of course there's a reason. I wish Mark Zuckerberg's work attire (the good-old hoodie) inspired these new rules, but just unfortunately (or fortunately)- let's blame it on the understanding amongst employers today, that liberal dress codes reflect in an employee's sense of comfort, eventually affecting their work outputs. Besides, the millennial's awareness to a whole new world of fashion online has facilitated their affinity to break boundaries more often. But, primarily, it's also the emergence of a concept called "Corporate Styling'.

Lets dwell into the roots. Over time, companies and corporates have realised how dramatic the freedom of dressing affects the creativity and productivity of employees. But moreover, the importance of personal styling at work aka corporate styling has prioritized a change in trends at the workplace.

Bringing up the fashion quotient- since services like "Corporate Styling' are crucial to the change in perspective, all employers ensure that they're based around lifestyle, personal and professional preferences(besides holding comfort imperative). Employees are being given the liberty to add a touch of their personalities to their professional attires through accessories, colours, silhouettes and design- by opting for bolder colours, prints and by not shying away from experimenting (but all in professional boundaries).

Let's take the palette-shift for example, it's welcoming new shades besides the blacks and greys and allowing one to express themselves through every element of style. However, on the other hand, in corporate or creative companies- "Power Dressing' is still leading the corporate runway, although with a newfound 'less is more' principle. The flag-bearers called "power suits' now represent modern work-wear attire. The key is to embrace personal preferences first and mould them around your profession later. Then what are the new rules of style? StyleCracker defines!

Smoothen out the wrinkles, fold them to perfection and place straight-fit trousers in the back of your wardrobe! Enter the 90's flared pants, sauntering back into the current trend like no other. Wear them to work already! Because wide-legged/flared trousers are now work-appropriate! And then of course, refine your look with a button-down shirt or a top that speaks of your professional forte. As for the feet- nudge away your round-toe, tapered heels and slip on super-comfortable styles like single-strap blocks, mules or kitten heels instead. And if you're taking the ethnic route, let wedges take charge! Amidst all of this, did we forget the casuals to business route? Of course not.

A well-fitted pair of denims is the key piece to own. However, remember that 'wear-jeans-to-work' is never complete without a pair of heels and an elegant, professional bag to go with. A smart, feminine top like a silk blouse or a structured top or men would also serve as a catalyst to your outfit and a blazer over the outfit will complete your look. Swap your pencil skirts for mid-length accordion pleats and tuck a fluid satin button-down top in. Boyish gray blazers, burgundy pumps, and a thin, minimalist choker are vital accessories to own too! But while you're raining on the parade of this new-found freedom, consult your HR before you lap over professional boundaries.

All in all, it's about representing the organization you work for and yourself alike, all in the best possible way. If it gets too eccentric and takes a twisted turn, the key lies in keeping it refined and appropriate at the end. Skip the hats, over the top make-up, raucous patterns or bright colours in a corporate setting- simply experiment in a way that'd leave a lasting impression. After all, besides the aim of exuding personal style, the trick lies in not compromising on our professional productivity, right?

Archana Walavalkar

Co - Founder StyleCracker


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