Digital Gaming and Stress-Management in Today's World

Digital gaming requires a lot of concentration and strategy based games enable users to formulate various propositions to solve different missions, complete tasks, craft a winning hand, achieve goals

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Digital gaming has emerged as one of the most engaging forms of entertainment for all generations. People across various age groups have taken to various forms of available online games based on their preferences and interests. Over the years, digital gaming has become a double-edged sword in light of its addictive nature. However, its drawbacks, digital gaming has proved to be beneficial in various facets of our lives. Upon choosing the right game, one can challenge and hone their mental prowess by enriching their thinking capabilities and fostering lateral and analytical thinking. Games such as quizzes, puzzles, card games like Poker, war games, etc. encourage people to strategize, analyse and find solutions by encouraging tactical-thinking.

In this article, we explore the various advantages of digital gaming for individuals.

Heightened Memory/Retention

Many digital games require strong retention ability both; visual and auditory. These games have proved to be beneficial in real life as one can utilize these enhanced skills in their everyday activities. Online games aid in strengthening our long term and short-term memory as well. When we challenge our brain, it works more efficiently and adapts a quick-thinking approach in solving daily problems.

Enhances Attention and Concentration

Digital gaming requires a lot of concentration. Strategy based games enable users to formulate various propositions to solve different missions, complete tasks, craft a winning hand, achieve goals, etc. This requires higher levels of concentration and attention to detail in order to develop a strategized approach. Hence, when one indulges in such games, it enhances their alertness and creates a positive mental space. By engaging the brain, these games reduce mental stress and anxiety to some extent.

Learning Boost

There is an ample number of games based on general knowledge and facts. Regularly playing these games help in gaining knowledge regarding various aspects of our lives. Games with inbuilt learning modules like quizzes and Poker have proved to be more efficient in providing knowledge in a fun and engaging manner. Expanding your mode and method of learning will aid in learning interesting facts about the world.

Builds Competence and Coordination

Single player/Multiplayer digital games require strong coordination between thinking and action. Many of these games are quick paced and requires one to be efficient in using their devices to play and succeed. This kind of coordination helps our brain channel its capabilities in the best way possible. It also helps to focus and work simultaneously on different tasks and activities on a daily basis. It also helps in staying sharp and calm during panic-stricken situations while also inculcating a knack to find an exit route.

Digital gaming has various advantages, the biggest of them being an outlet to rid oneself of the pent-up stress and anxiety; not only can it help in skill-enhancement but also in mental well-being.