'This Holiday Season Why Entrepreneurs Should Jet Set Go!'

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Over the last few years the way entrepreneurs work has changed completely. With the advent of young entrepreneurs the entire system has seen an overhaul. It is no longer about working and maximum potential at the office. It is about making the most of both worlds – work & personal. This is why most entrepreneurs now tend to take their work to different locales.


Not only do they get to see a new place, live with the locals for a few months or years, but they also get to get a fresh perspective and a global influence which they then apply to their companies. This not only benefits the entrepreneurs but also the people and clients associated with that particular company.

If they like to put in those extra hours at work they also expect to do something spectacular in their leisure time thereby striking the perfect work-life balance. There is no better way to achieve this balance than by travelling to wonderful location that may well be your dream destination!

If the entrepreneur decides to get his team member or members to join him or her once in a while then it is not only an added bonus for the team members but also gets the best out of them by motivating to think out of the box since they are associated with an entrepreneur who even works out of the box (office). The focus is to give one's team an experience that will rejuvenate and help rekindle the team spirit to achieve the goals set for the coming year whilst thanking them for a job well done in the past year.

With the holiday season right around the corner, you might be wondering if you should pack your bags and head to explore a new destination, or if you should stay put and relax at home. I'm sure, with a hectic schedule all year round the latter may sound oh so appealing! But I'd say, don't waste the opportunity to head to a magical winter destination this year and soak in all the holiday happiness. And here's exactly why you should jet, set, go!

As an entrepreneur, it always helps to know about different cultures and trends so that you could find inspirations for on how to improve your business or maybe even an idea for a new venture all together. Traveling is what would help you broaden your horizons and get a view of the larger picture. And while you discover new places and meet new people, you will constantly find yourself being amazed at all that these rich experiences would teach you.

Coming from someone who is the biggest travel fanatic around, I decided to merge my entrepreneurial instincts with this love for travel and that's how The Backpacker Co. came into existence. Going further, on one particular family vacation in 2009, as my husband, kids and I were traveling through the Finnish Laplands, we came across the phenomena of the Aurora Borealis. The colourful lights streaking through the sky, displaying the prettiest shades of green, pink, purple and red left us absolutely stunned. That is when we knew we had to get the world to experience the phenomena themselves. "With stars in our eyes!' the meaning of this statement is not just metaphoric any longer. Our chase to experience the wonder of the Aurora Borealis across Norway, Finland and Iceland made it a reality for us!

And that is inspired us to start our second travel venture, The Villa Escape, a boutique agency that would stand for the most unique trips to destinations unheard of to experience a luxurious experience in the lap of mother nature. To destinations that had not been commercialized, to experience the raw untouched beauty of nature and to soak in the local culture and essence of the place before it got ruined by commercialization. Keeping that ideology in mind, I like to talk to people about offbeat trips to Tuscany, Norway, Iceland, Finnish Laplands and Japan and encapsulating the magic of each destination. Travel also helps you relax and refreshes your mind so that you would be able to start afresh post the holiday season. It inspires you to think out of the box and trains you in dealing with situations out of your comfort zone. It opens your mind to new ideas and ideologies and makes you more accepting of other cultures and lifestyles. It exposes you to foreign traditions, cuisines, customs, myths and beliefs. It also helps you build new contacts and meet people from various walks of life! The possibilities are endless. All you need to do is grab the right opportunity and pick the right destination, and I promise, you will never be disappointed.

In our endless travels to places across the globe, we have learnt so much about other cultures and lifestyles, and also uncovered bits and pieces of our own self with each experience. For us, the journey will never end until we cover the entire earth and learn as much as we can about each mystery of nature. We know how each experience has enriched our life, which is why we would love for more people to fall in love with nature, the way we did.

Travel really worked for us, and we would like to believe that it is something that will only leave you with the most enriching experiences of all. So even if it is a simple holiday which is meant to relax with loved ones or even go solo to rediscover yourself or a rather adventurous one filled with adrenaline pumping activities, make the most of every chance and explore as much as you can.