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[Trends 2020] Yoga Makes a Trendier Comeback Yoga has the ability to impact people directly and going forward one foresees this form of fitness being adopted across various domains

By Sarvesh Shashi

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During the last decade, a little before 2015, people embracing yoga as a complete fitness regimen perhaps looked like a distant possibility. However, over the last four years, this age-old practice has emerged and how.

Yoga has today become a fitness staple around the world. Estimates by FICCI and EY indicate that in 2020, the wellness industry will be valued at INR 1.5 trillion. People, especially the millennials, swear by apps making yoga and other fitness-related applications more accessible. They not only want to look good physically but also have better emotional health.

In the last five years, the government has also exhibited a keen interest in the revival of yoga. The Prime Minister has personally taken a lot of interest in positioning yoga as a universal exercise through campaigns such as "Hum Fit to India Fit' that can help people stay healthy and look good. One can safely say that of the several wellness services unique to our country, yoga can form a sizeable chunk of the huge opportunity ahead of this industry. Here are some trends that we foresee for 2020 and beyond.

Yoga Far and Wide

The slice of revenue pie from yoga is set to catapult in the years ahead with the forms in highest demand being hatha yoga, wall yoga, sculpt yoga, and ashtanga yoga. There is a form of yoga for everyone—from children to women, newer techniques are being introduced to make it more appealing to everyone. Thanks to a rise in digital influencers, yoga is further getting a boost.

Packaged in Newer Forms

Brands will rehash old concepts and present yoga like never before with newer marketing strategies. With millennials looking for experiences in everything they do and wanting to achieve a balance between their mental and physical health, we will see a marked change in mindsets. Yoga has the ability to impact people directly and going forward one foresees this form of fitness being adopted across various domains. In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine supports yoga integration into exercise regimes. Yoga is a lifestyle today and it is being incorporated into fitness in forms such as basketball yoga and even goat yoga (yes, you read that right!). The market for yoga has also increased almost thrice to its original size in the last four years.

Fitness Apps and Technology

There is already a rising interest in fitness-based technologies and apps. A recent analysis indicates that the demand for health and fitness apps has grown by 330 per cent in the last three years, with 25 per cent users accessing their fitness apps more than 10 times a week. Once people find the app useful, they continue to use it to achieve their fitness goals. The apps not only remind them to make healthy choices but also make fitness and exercise a regular part of their lives. With technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, one can track their progress real time. What's more is that technology is making it possible to work out from the comfort of one's home too.

Yoga for Overall Health and Well-being

The year ahead is also when yoga will become the one-stop-solution for all your health and wellness needs. From achieving the fitness levels akin to working out in a gym to the benefits of meditation, yoga will be everything. More people will turn to it for better concentration levels, great stamina, and incredible flexibility.

In Conclusion

Fitness app providers are ensuring that there is a more organized and holistic approach to the concept of yoga, and it is being increasingly recognized as a one-stop solution for overall well-being. The promotion and development of such holistic fitness practices are in-sync with government led initiatives to make yoga accessible, effective and sustainable. In order for this to be made more attractive to consumers, it is important that the tax component on commercially run yoga practices and institutes be revisited since yoga can help address chronic medical ailments and fill the gaps in traditional healthcare.

Lastly, there is a need to encourage players who adopt a tech-oriented approach to reach consumers far and wide. This is because innovative, tech-based solutions are leading India towards becoming a fit and healthy nation.

Sarvesh Shashi

Founder of Sarva Yoga

All of 25 years of age, Sarvesh Shashi is the youngest CEO in the yoga and wellness fraternity. Sarvesh believes in the philosophy of consciousness through yoga and the emotion of happiness that stems out of yoga practices. He wants to spread this yoga happiness to thousands. At a young age of 21 he gave up a bright career in his father’s sprawling businesses and set out to touch the lives of many with yoga. Hence he is fondly called The CEO among Monks by many.


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