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Why Entrepreneurs Should View Wedding Season as an Opportunity to Connect with Consumers The wedding season is one of the most lucrative business opportunities for jewellery brands as during this time the demand for jewellery experiences a massive boost

By Rupesh Jain

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Weddings in India are a grand event, replete with pomp and splendor, as about 10 million Indians take the sacred vows of eternal togetherness every year. The grandeur of Indian weddings is indeed unparalleled, as for most Indians it is one of the most important and unforgettable days of their lives, and they leave no stone unturned to make sure that their marriage ceremony is nothing short of a stunning and opulent spectacle. The essential characteristics of an Indian wedding include the best food, décor and jewellery as not just families but the whole community gathers to rejoice and exult to the merry tunes of the band, baaja with baaraat. And No Indian wedding is complete without exquisitely designed bridal jewellery that has the power to make eyes turn and hearts leap.

The wedding season is also one of the most lucrative business opportunities for jewellery brands as during this time the demand for jewellery experiences a massive boost. Jewellery houses need not resort to ways of social advertisement and brand publicity as customers themselves are seeking to procure the best deals in gold silver and diamond. This is a tailor-made pro-business scenario wherein jewellery entrepreneurs only have to focus on their product quality and niche, to capture the interests of the potential buyer. The Indian wedding industry is the second-largest in the world with an estimated worth of around $50 billion and is, therefore, one of the best times for jewellery brands to reach out to customers. As the needs and preferences vary with every customer, it is seminal for jewellery companies to adapt and evolve in accordance with the popular taste and offer high-quality products that are awe-inspiring, unique and worth investing.

The uniqueness and excellence in craftsmanship of a particular product will ensure that prospective buyers subscribe to it. Distinctiveness and exquisiteness are the hallmarks of any trusted and reputable jewellery brand. Every piece of jewellery that is inimitably customized will surely captivate and entice the potential customer into gaining the best deal possible. Such excellent and matchless product offerings by a company proves instrumental in acquiring the goodwill of its customers as it goes a long way in creating and cementing a much sought after brand presence.

This ensures that the business can carve a permanent place in the heart of its customers. The latter now after much careful contemplation chooses that particular business alone over the wide sea of competition. The brand besides creating rarefied signature items should also have the resourcefulness and tactful charm to be able to pitch the USP of their product and that which separates it from the rest of the market to all its potential buyers.

As per statistics, about 70 per cent of the jewellery bought and sold is directly related to wedding festivities and marriage seasons making it the busiest time of the year for jewellery brands with respect to trade and commerce. This is the time of the year when a large chunk of the population seeks to secure the most exceptional and valuable gifting options for the betrothed ones. It is an undisputed fact that the central most highlighted phenomena in an Indian wedding are the bride's jewellery set. No wonder people go head over heels when they witness an astounding and unparalleled piece of elegant craftsmanship. The beauty and reliability of a jewellery product go a long way in helping the creators of such a piece gain public veneration and adulation.

People not only buy jewellery and wedding ensemble intended for the newlyweds but also procure them in case of established marriages where the married couple seeks to re-crystallize their love through specially designed anniversary sets. There is custom-made jewellery designed to fit every occasion but none can rival the surge of business activity that is observed during the Indian wedding season.

Acquiring more customers during the festive season grants jewellery brands a furthermore competitive edge as they not only become a part of the festive proceedings but also connects the two at a personal level. This helps in creating priceless brand loyalty that warrants a long-term relationship between the brand and buyer which can last beyond lifetimes and even generations.

Rupesh Jain

Founder & CEO of Candere

Rupesh Jain is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of, an online diamond jewellery store that offers a seamless and unique shopping experience. As the CEO, Rupesh is responsible for envisioning, structuring, planning, and monitoring and management of all the operations, including the manufacturing process and product designing. Additionally, he is tasked with the entire technology stack for Candere’s e-commerce portal. This involves overseeing marketing automation, building a strong sourcing network, vendor management, and customer relationship management.

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