Hacks to Improve Your Website Traffic

More traffic to your site can be a cash cow if you can place relevant ads for your audience, especially if your's is a blog

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Every website needs traffic, lack of visitors to your website is not only an indication of disinterest in your offering, it could also be because you spent hours on research, proofreading the article and hitting the publish button but there was nary an effort on marketing your blog posts. Getting steady traffic from your TG is important for your business to thrive.


Why is getting visitors to your site important?

  1. When you have targeted visitors on your site, they are more likely to buy your products or use your services especially if they have come across any work of yours earlier in the form of an article, an industry report your company prepared or an infographic.
  2. They are more likely to sign up for your newsletters.
  3. More traffic to your site can be a cash cow if you can place relevant ads for your audience, especially if your's is a blog.

Let's see some of the ways in which you can increase visitors to your website:

Write Compelling Content

No matter how many visitors come to your site because of your kickass SEO expert, if the content on your site is not good enough to keep them hooked, you will eventually lose them. Research for the sort of content that people in your niche are looking for. Do you know that Google loves long-form articles?

Let's say you provide fitness services, you can write a guidebook of 3,500+ words on the Ketogenic diet, which is the latest fad. What should this contain? Write in general about the diet, its progression, its acceptance in the fitness sphere, interview people who have achieved their fitness goals through Keto, interview fitness influencers and compare Keto with other forms of diet like Paleo, Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc. Now, you have a comprehensive article on Keto that people will bookmark and keep going back as it contains all the information that is required in a single place. Aim for this.

Go Viral: As simple as it is to say that, creating viral content is not that difficult either, assuming you have done your homework. A simple step would be to be controversial, but not everyone can afford to be so. Getting viral would open a plethora of opportunities for you as people will come back to your site and it will help in your digital marketing efforts too.

Jonah Berger, author of "Contagious: Why things catch on', explains that the reason why content goes viral on social media is not necessarily significant as long as it resonates with the target audience.

Internal Linking of Pages:

In fact, this is not even a hack, it's a simple step that most of you can follow. Probably one of the most effective ways to increase page views on your site. On each content that you post, make sure you find 3-4 relevant posts that resonate with this post and link them to it. If they are hooked to your content, they will be willing to read other posts of yours and hyperlink to other articles will only help them to engage more with your content.

I had an opportunity to take insights from Gaurav Gurbaxani, Co-founder of Onlinebusiness.org, an organization that teaches online marketing to businesses. Gaurav is associated with leading digital marketing agencies, online training institutes and has been learning from the Internet since he was 14. Find excerpts from the discussion on improving the visitor count for your website, below:

Today, businesses compete for traffic. It is competitive, getting more aggressive and a general rule of thumb is that the more targeted traffic a business can generate, it gets translated into more sales, leads, relationships and in turn, huge success as well.

Traffic = Money. Find the right offer and you can build an automated selling machine by repeatedly driving traffic to an offer that converts into profit.

1. Be Generous with your Knowledge and Content. The more value you deliver to visitors on your website, the more you will be rewarded by Google. Period.

2. Be Relevant. Be an authority. If your readers look up to you and share your content, you will gain with organic SEO traffic and viral Social Media traffic as well.

3. Automate. There is a tool for everything. Save time by automating mundane tasks and grow your social presence.

4. Be Creative. Content that stands out goes further. Use animation software, video effects, and live chat to engage with visitors.

5. Go Old School. Use direct marketing like email, forums and blogs to reach your niche audience and build a following.

While there are definitive hacks available for instant traffic, think long-term when growing an online business that thrives on website visitors.