Debunking #5 Email-marketing Myths: Facts Vs Fiction With Unsubscribe you give your customers, members, and supporters more control

By Anand Krishnan

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How many times do you check your emails in a day? If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you are addicted to your inboxes. According to the statistics by the Radicati Group, it is estimated that the people all over the globe will exchange 269 billion emails per day in 2017. Naturally, marketers love being in your inbox!

An aura of myths tends to surround anything that becomes popular, likewise with email marketing. This article is an attempt at addressing these myths and separate facts from fiction.

# Myth 1: There is a "Best Day' in the Week to Send Emails

There is no universal best day to send an email. Usually the myth revolves around "Tuesday' being the ideal day to send an email. This arises from the logic that on Monday everyone is usually catching up on work and Thursday, Friday brings on the weekend mode!

As the saying goes "the best day was yesterday, next best is now"

# Myth 2: Unsubscribes are Bad News

Although an "unsubscribe' button is essential for email marketing, you hope nobody actually clicks the button. With Unsubscribe you give your customers, members, and supporters more control. And as a business, unsubscribes help you avoid communicating with people who aren't interested in receiving your emails. It is even more awesome as now your email marketing list is more targeted and the communication can be customised to suit the needs of interested customers. Simplifying the subscription process increases the value of email contact list.

#Myth 4: E-Marketing is a Time Taking and Expensive Proposition

One of the reasons that keeps people from getting started with email marketing is that they don't think they have the time to do it and consider it costly.

You need to start with setting up a schedule and use Do-it-yourself tools to create stunning mailers in minutes.. A study by Direct Marketing Association has observed a $35 Return-on-investment for every $1 which is spent on Email Marketing. We're sure you can't find any other marketing medium delivering this high on returns.

#Myth 6: No One Actually Reads Email

A recent research by MarketingSherpa, tracked how people like to hear from their favorite businesses. An overwhelming majority (91 percent) said they do like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with. 86 percent say they like to receive promotional emails at least monthly and 61 percent at least weekly. So we need to think about what we like about the emails we receive, and take some time to better understand if we're providing a similar experience to our audience.

Thus e-marketing is more about quality over quantity. People are twice as likely to respond to your email than interact with you on Facebook? Email-marketing, if used properly, can help any business achieve all its goals. Whether you want to strengthen your customer relations or increase the number of customers, e-marketing will give you the solutions you need!

Anand Krishnan

General Manager, Constant Contact India

Anand Krishnan is the general manager of Constant Contact India.

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