5 Best Disruptive Data-Driven Marketing Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

From expanding the consumer base to influencing them data-driven marketing has disrupted the old bench marks

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Marketing has evolved over the years witnessing a mammoth shift from just deploying mediums to enhance the brand reach to targeting specific consumers today. In the past, evaluating consumer conversations were complex inferences based on analytical data while today you can track if a consumer has viewed the advertisement and also any subsequent action to purchase the product. Therefore, it is easy to immediately infer if the campaign has worked for the brand. Explore the five best data-driven marketing tips hereunder to enkindle the entrepreneur in you!

  • Interest-Based Consumer targeting:

You need to dig deeper into the data, see what your core Target Group (TG) is interested in knowing/reading and also understand and define interest groups within your TG. This way you can target them better and at a place where they spend maximum time. For example, if your TG is interested in sports or bike travels, then you need to advertise on a platform where such content is consumed by them to create impact and trail usage within your right TG.

  • Consumer Experience:

The consumer loves offers and discounts, but constant indulgence in discounting your product/service devalues the brand. So is there another way to create a brand experience for the consumers?

Brands can create virtual experiences for consumers using loyalty programs and how and where the points can be redeemed, which define the experience of a consumer. There can also be e-Tickets/discount coupons of brands which can create a better experience for the brand and ensure repeat usage. For example, American Express cards wanted to create a luxury experience for its brand without discounting itself and hence has tied up with golf courses for golf sessions, Taj Holiday complimentary card and similar others.

  • Disruptive Content/Ads:

The general belief is that the attention span on the internet is short and consumers will not consume a long form of content or advertisement but only disruptive information.

Netflix was a pioneer for disruptive communication and capitalised the trolling trend of Radhika Apte. They changed their official tagline across social media and said "Just another @radhikaofficial fan account'.

The recent example of long-form advertisement which had the lowest skip rate on YouTube is Mother's Day advertisement of Mom's Magic where the campaign celebrated mother-like figures who had a positive impact on society.

  • Habit formation

The attention span of the consumers today is limited.

Differentiated content can create a habit within the consumers and keep them visiting the app/website for new content every day. The perfect example is Red Bull who created differentiated content to retain consumers on their platforms. Their TG regularly visits their pages and consumes content and it is the best place to find out about the most happening events or music gigs in town.

Just having a huge reach is not good enough but understanding the data in depth, finding what the consumer loves to consume and bringing that content together under the brand is imperative to update/entertain the consumer. Also, this content can be camouflaged to cross-sell on the website.

  • Influential Marketing:

Brands have always used celebrity endorsements to target the consumer base which today is an extremely venerable and cluttered space. Recently big brands like Amazon, Godrej and Snapdeal had to face the ire of the consumers again when a celebrity made a social statement that hurt the sentiments of the consumers.

Brands have started hiring digital influencers to endorse/market their brands and resonate with their target audience. The new trend is to communicate the brand's message through emotional or aspiring life stories of real people.

Sanghamitra Khatu

Founder at The Tribal Box

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